Don’t Be A Fool, Market Your New Business

Construct Your Marketing From The Get-Go

Construct Your Marketing From The Get-Go









If you’re a new business in town what is the first thing you do?

I sure hope you said concentrate on marketing.

No matter what Business you are in, you are in the marketing business.

There is this new drive-thru pizza shop that just opened up about a mile down the road from me.  How did I know they just opened?  Because… I just drove by and the sign said “open.”

Now, where are the postcards in the mail telling me when this little drive-thru pizza shop is opening?  Where are the postcards giving me coupons to try their yummy pizza and that they have a drive-thru so I never have to leave my car?

We have two local small town papers.  One comes out every week and the other comes out every two weeks.  I never saw one ad for this new pizza shop.  NOT ONE!!!

This drive-thru pizza shop is already off to a bad start.  I love the idea of a drive-thru pizza shop, because we humans are pretty darn lazy, but please do some marketing.  Sheesh!

Tell the town about your new shop and entice people to do business with you.

If people don’t know you exist they certainly won’t spend any money on you.

Have you noticed any new businesses in your area that aren’t doing any marketing?  Are they still in business?

Now go take action!

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