Don’t Force Your Prospects To Think

Welcome back to another ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ Monday!  I’m your host, the Duke of Marketing, David Hunter (say it in a nice French accent, ha). 

Reviewing John Caples copywriting book, Making Ads Pay, I stumbled across a great saying.

John said: 

“Don’t force the reader to think.  Do his thinking for him.”

Ah, yes!  We mere humans are pretty lazy… we don’t even want to look up form our phones when crossing the street to see if there’s any cars about to run over us let only think about what we want or need.

Now when John says “readers” he’s talking about;  Your Prospects.  Your Customers.  Your Clients… who ever is reading your marketing.

You want to make it easy for them to respond to what ever you’re offering.  Don’t make them have to think about it… do the thinking for them!  Is this something they need or want?  Think for them!

What is it your prospects, customers, and Clients really want?

Now get out there and do the thinking for them and make some sales!

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