Don’t Forget To Do “This” When You Send Your Christmas Gifts To Your Clients

Here’s a little marketing lesson I would like to share with you…

Yesterday, my boss and I received a Christmas gift from one of our service providers for real estate that we have used in the passed.

It was a nice gift, a calendar of Cleveland along with blank cards that we can use to send little notes to our clients.

But, there was one thing I noticed that this service provider didn’t do… Market!  There was no business card, no phone number (no contact info at all), and nothing asking us for our business.

This would have been the perfect time to include a gift certificate for 25% (or whatever you seem fit), a business card, a little note about how much they appreciate our previous business and they would love to continue doing business for us, and contact info!

When you send out Christmas Cards, Easter Cards, Birthday Cards, any holiday card, etc. be sure to market market market!!!  Give your clients a reason to respond, to do business with you, to spend money on you!

Have you made this same mistake before?  What are you currently doing about it?  What can you offer with your Christmas gift to your clients to get them back in the doors?

Now go take action!



  1. We just did our first Xmas card run where we gave a 20% discount voucher with the card. The Christmas card was customed designed with our company mascot on the front riding Santa’s sleigh, and great thank you message inside. I also sent a funky cartoon style thumb drive as a Christmas present prior to the Xmas card and voucher. I’ll be following up over the Chinese New Year with a letter with Chinese magic coins enclosed and a fortune cookie.

    1. Awesome marketing, Greg!! We can all use a thumb drive. How many responses did you get? Let us know how the follow up Chinese New Year mailing goes.

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