Easy Way To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

All You Have To Do Is… ASK

That’s right… All you have to do to get testimonials from your clients is to ASK for them!

What Is a Testimonial?

According to Dictionary.com, a testimonial is a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation.

You see, as humans, when you’re telling us about how great your product or service is, we just assume that you would never say anything bad about it.  So, when you tell us your product is the greatest in the world, we don’t believe you.  But, when someone else says it, say… from a client who uses your product or services, it’s more believable.  That’s why it’s very important to get testimonials from all of your clients (even the ones who hate your product because you can make improvements).

How To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

After you perform a service for your client or they buy a product from you, you must FOLLOW UP with your client within a day or two after the service is performed.  You want to ask them if they have any questions or concerns.  If it’s a certain type of product you can give them helpful tips on care and maintenance (this is your “reason why” for calling, and we’ll go over this is a future post).

After your little spiel, you then ask them if they can give you a testimonial.  You can say “review” instead of “testimonial.”

“Hi Frank, I’m glad that you are enjoying the new super-duper X1000 digital pancake mixer.  Could you please write us a testimonial so others can enjoy the super-duper X1000 digital pancake mixer and save time too?  I can send you the form in the mail or do you prefer email?”

Also, you want to make sure you ask your clients to be specific.  Say you’re selling a weight loss product and your client lost 43 lbs. in two months.  You want to make sure they say that in their testimonial.

Questions To Ask For A Testimonial:

1.  Specifically, how has the product/service helped you?  (Again, if your selling weight loss, ask how much did you lose and how long did it take.  If you sold a garden hoe, how did it make your life easier? Did it save you time? Did it make your back pain go away? etc.)

2.  Why did you choose our company over all of the other available companies to you?

3.  Who else do you know that would benefit from our products/services?  May we contact them?

4.  May we use all or parts of your response on marketing materials, and can we use your full name?

Now, there are tons of questions that you can ask.  Just make sure that you are asking something!  There is nothing worse than making a client happy and never asking for a testimonial.

Be sure to include testimonials on all of your advertising.  If you can get a picture with your client using your product that’s even better!

Also, be sure to say “Thank You” with a handwritten note.  You’ll be amazed at how far handwritten notes will get you.

Now go take action!


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