EDDM From USPS… Say What?








Ah, not sure what EDDM from USPS means?  Well, it’s Every Door Direct Mail from the United States Postal Service.

If you’re not using EDDM then you are missing out on great savings for marketing.  Depending on what type of business you are, EDDM can be a cash machine for your pockets.

How Does EDDM Work?

EDDM is a service that the USPS offers where you mail to the routes you pick.  The USPS gives you a map tool which you can pick which zip code you want to target, then you pick the routes.  The map makes it easy to see the streets you want to target.

One thing I love about Every Door Direct Mail is that it’s only 16 cents (**Update as of October 2014:  currently 17.5 cents… be sure to check because it seems every year it raises in price) to mail a postcard that is 8.5 x 11. Yeah, 16 cents to mail a sheet of paper, but it does have to be a certain weight (I currently use 90 lbs. index paper).

Oh, another think I love about EDDM is that you don’t need a mailing list.  All you need is the permit imprint indicia printed right where you would have a stamp.  This leaves more space for you to have your marketing message!

Now, I know you are wondering, “But, David, how in the world could it only be 16 cents to mail a postcard the size of a sheet of paper?  Doesn’t the post office lose money?”

Well, I’m not sure if the post office loses money, but the reason it costs 16 cents to mail is because you have to do all of the work to prepare the postcards to be mailed.  You must bundle the postcards in bundles of 100, rubber band them, make sure you have the route sheets attached and you must drop off the postcards at the post office that services the routes you picked.

Just think, if you’re a local pizza shop you could target all of the routes around your business with a direct-response postcard with some kind of offer to get new customers to your pizza shop.

Say you’re a Realtor who “farms” a certain neighborhood with normal postcards with a stamp.  Now you can use EDDM a pay 16 cents to farm the neighborhood that you choose.  Don’t forget you get more space for your marketing message!

You can check out Every Door Direct Mail here:  https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm

Have any of you used EDDM or ever even heard of it?  If so, feel free to share your results.

Now go take action!


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