[Postcard Example] Enter The Conversation Already Going On In Your Prospect’s Mind

Robert Collier, one of the greatest copywriters of the early 1900s, said, “Enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.”

What does he mean by this?  Well, I’ve got an example of a great direct mail piece I want to share with you that enters the conversation already going on in the prospects mind.

So, let me ask you… It’s past the middle of August and what is most people thinking about?…

Sending their kids back to school, whether it’s grade school, or shipping ’em off to college, they’re thinking about school.

Yesterday, my mother received a giant (8″ x 13.5″), bulk-mail postcard in the mail from Malley’s Chocolates (they have the BEST chocolate in Cleveland… come visit and I’ll take you there).

Now, this wasn’t just a “random” postcard trying to get you into their stores.  They entered the conversation already going on in the mind of their prospects with a twist… “Back 2 School Malley’s.”

Here’s a picture of the front and back of this postcard (click on the picture to make it bigger):

Malley's Postcard Front

Malley’s Postcard Front

Malley's Postcard Back... Notice the ruler so you can see the size (8" x 13.5")

Malley’s Postcard Back… Notice the ruler so you can see the size (8″ x 13.5″)

Pretty clever, eh?

On the front of the postcard, they have the headline, “Back 2 School Malley’s” and the subhead, “Bring in any size backpack or library book bag…” and tied it into their promotion, “…fill it with all your favorites and receive 30% off your entire purchase.”

Oh, and look!  They have a backpack filled with mouthwatering sweetness… I may be picking up my nephew to fill up his backpack with all this chocolate, and, who knows, maybe I’ll even share a little with him…

And, there is a catch.  They have a big headline on the back of their postcard that reads, “Private Sale For Preferred Card Holders ONLY!”

Since they mailed bulk, they have to add “Or current resident” in the address section, whether they use a name or not.  So, if said person moved, or isn’t a preferred card holder, they have the option (see the yellow circle on front and back) to sign up to become a preferred card holder and start saving.


Also, they did have a deadline to get the 30% off… August 20th thru August 23rd.

Malley’s did a lot of things right with their marketing that you can learn just by studying this postcard.  Be sure to apply what you learn to your own marketing promotions, no matter what business you’re in!

Take Aways:

  • Enter the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.
  • Tie the conversation into your own promotion/offer.
  • If your offer is only for preferred customers, but you’re sending bulk, be sure to let new prospects know how they can become a preferred customer and get the discount.
  • Have a deadline.
  • And, if you’re selling chocolate… be sure to add the mouthwatering pictures on both sides!  Doesn’t it look yummy??!!!

So, what are you thoughts of this postcard?  See anything I missed?  Anything you’d change or add?

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Now go take action!  (I’m already taking action by heading to get me some choc-o-late!)

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