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One question that I see come up often is about Lead Generation Magnets.  So, I thought I’d share a post I did about ‘Lead Generation Magnets’ back in January 2015, along with a REAL postcard that was sent via the USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail.

Be sure to take notes and implement what you see here so you can attract customers and clients, no matter what kind of business you have!


Here’s a Lead Generating Postcard I created to generate real estate leads, specifically home sellers (no matter what business you’re in… you can take what you learn here and apply it to your business… you can use it on your postcards, ads in the local papers, or online!!!).

*Note: This is an 8.5″ x 11″ postcard used with the USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail*

Let’s start with the back (where postage goes), shall we?

Real Estate Postcard Back Huge

As you can see, it’s pretty busy. It makes the eyes wonder.

A Few Marketing Pointers To Pay Attention To:

  • Shows picture and mentions the SOLD listing (every home seller wants to get their house sold).
  • Subhead is specific: “Sally Sells Shaker & Everywhere!” Notice, we have the specific city mentioned. If you live in Shaker Heights, you can’t help but noticed “Shaker.”
  • There’s a testimonial from a past client along with their first and last names. Also, notice how the writers of the testimonial share their story (house sale fell through, house was on for a few months, old real estate agent not drumming up much business, Sally was recommended, S/he had a different marketing approach, better photos, and house sold in a very short time). (Study this testimonial… It’s a great example of how a testimonial should be written)
  • Notice the Angie’s List Super Service Award logo. You can’t help but notice it.
  • Mentions to check out what clients are saying on Zillow and Angie’s List.
  • Gives direction… “See Reverse Side.”

Now, let’s venture to the back side:

Real Estate Postcard Front Huge

A Few Marketing Pointers To Pay Attention To:

  • Notice two houses SOLD!
  • The first house mentions this is Sally’s listing and sold in 6 days (specific).
  • There’s an offer. This Lead Generation Magnet is for a FREE Home Seller’s Guide. It’s a Lead Generation Magnet because if you’re thinking about selling your home, there’s no reason not to get your copy.
  • Notice there’s a picture of the home seller’s guide… and it’s crooked (draws attention).
  • Two options on how to get the home seller’s guide (by phone or email) and two different formats (PDF or paper copy). Oh, and the best part is… you don’t need a website or lead capture page, nothing-nada-zip (so, if you don’t know how, or have the money, to create a website, you can just have them email or call you).

Notice, this isn’t the normal, boring Just Sold postcard (I’m sure you’ve seen them before). This is a LEAD GENERATING POSTCARD. We’re not selling home owners to call us to list their houses… No! Our goal is to get them to call for the home seller’s guide so we can get their contact info and continue to follow up.

We’d average 1-6 leads when we’d send out the mailings (average 1,151 postcards every time we sent them). Now, that’s not even a 1% response rate, so some may say it’s a failure. But, we bank dollars not response rates, so we look at the Return on Investment (ROI). Since real estate is a high transaction market, you could make thousands by just one lead.

But, say you sell $5 pizzas. How could this help? Well, you’re competing against the other dozen pizza shops within a 2 mile radius of you… you’ll want to stand out! Show customers like your pizza, show your awards, have an offer and call-to-action! Then, collect customer’s contact info and you’ll be able to send them more direct mail, and repeat the process!

Oh, and this doesn’t have to just be on postcards. You could create an ad in the local paper or on the internet. Go ahead and use these pointers as a guide when you’re creating your Lead Generation ads.

Have questions you’d like me to answer? Leave your comments below or use the Contact Tab above and send me an email!

Now go take action!

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