Features vs Benefits

Ah, Features and Benefits.  What’s the difference?  Which are you using in your marketing?

Features:  What something is.  Take the a/c in the car…  It blows out cold air in the summer time. This is a feature.

Benefits:  What something does for you.  The a/c in the car blows out cold air which keeps you cool in the summer.. the benefit (I sure do love my a/c)!

So, which is more important?  The BENEFIT.  This comes done to What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

Well, in the summer time you want to keep cool so you don’t stick to your seats and have sweat marks on your back.  SOLD!

Are you using Features or Benefits in your marketing?  If you’re using features, how can you turn them into benefits?

Another example is the camera.  If you are going to buy a camera because you want to post pictures on a billboard you are going to want a camera with high megapixels.  Say 20 megapixels (feature).  What benefit does this have?  Well, if you’re going to blow up your picture to put it on a billboard then the more pixels you have the better image quality (benefit) you’ll have.

Also, the benefit of a camera is that it captures your memories.  That’s the real reason you bought the camera, right?  Of course it is.  You sure didn’t buy it because it has all those buttons all over that you never use.

That’s the little marketing lesson for the day.

Now go take action!

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