Follow Up With A “Reason Why”

Y U No Follow UpOne of the worst things you can do is NOT FOLLOWING UP WITH YOUR CLIENTS!!! 

According to 1st Financial Training Services, 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain.  However, 91% of those unhappy customers will simply leave and never return.  Yikes!

So, what are you doing to follow up with your clients?

Follow Up or Go Out Of Business

Now, I know you’re collecting names, phone numbers, email addresses and addresses of your clients, Right?  RIGHT??

We’ll, after a client buys from you, call them to find out how everything is.  Ask them how their experience was and if the product / service they bought exceeded their expectations (great time to ask for a testimonial when they tell you how happy they are) and let them know about a new product or discount you’re offering (this is your REASON WHY).  Too scared to call, then send them letter in the mail with a response card or email them (email is the worst, but it’s better than nothing).

In real estate, we are always following up with clients with a phone call to let them know about the newest houses on the market (REASON WHY).  Remember this:  Clients are like slippery little fish, if you don’t net them they’ll slip right out of your hands.

Always Have A “Reason Why” When You Contact A Client

As noted above, you need a “Reason Why” when you contact clients.

So, my wife and I are in the market for a new car for her.  I visited a dealership that had a car we were looking for and gave the salesman my contact info.  He only followed up once to see if we had any further interest.  I told him we were checking out the same vehicle at another dealership that had it for a lower price.Follow-Up

Guess what?!  He never responded again or tried to follow up.  He could have definitely followed up with a “reason why.”  He should have asked me if I bought a car, and if I didn’t, that they just lowered the price on the vehicle (I checked it out on and found they lowered the price).  That would have been a perfect “reason why.”  But, nope.  No follow up.

I’ve actually been back to a few more times and they keep lowering the price of the vehicle and I still haven’t heard from the salesman.  Wow.

Don’t Be Stupid And Follow Up.

Now go take action!

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