Get It Going!

Happy Monday!

I’ll tell you what… here in Cleveland we had some crazy weather the past few days.  On Friday we hit a record high of 74 and on Saturday the high was in the 30s and we had 3 inches of snow.

Hmm… mother nature must be playing some tricks on us or something, or…

She must have said, “Hey, this winter doesn’t have to be perfect, I just need to get it going!”

As I was reading The Doberman Dan Letter this weekend, Doberman Dan (He’s a low key marketing wizard in charge of the Marketing Camelot) said something that could help you create any kind of life you desire.  What did he say??

He said…

“You don’t have to get it perfect… you just have to get it going!”

Think about it, do you think any of us would be driving cars if the automakers were waiting to sell their cars until they get them 100% perfect?  Heck no.  We’d probably still be in a wagon being pulled by a horse (not saying this is a bad thing, but it’s probably where we would still be).

Also, master marketer Dan Kennedy always says, Good is good enough.”

Look, it’s better to get your next marketing campaign started than wait until you get it perfect.  Why?  Because if you wait to get it perfect most likely you’ll be waiting a lifetime.

Once you going on anything you can then tweak it as you go, whether it’s your marketing campaign, business, or life!

Don’t wait to get it perfect, just get it going!

Now go take action!

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