Get Off Your Butt And Get Going

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s always harder to start something than keep doing something (think of the first Law of Motion: Law of Inertia).

Whenever I start a new marketing campaign, or have to create a new postcard, the hardest part is to get it going. Once I get it going everything starts to fall into place and gets easier and easier.

Just like… I started jogging at 7:15am 5 days a week. The first few days were the worst! First I had to get up (who wants to leave a cozy bed to make your body sweat?), then I had to actually start jogging. Ugh, those first few says were a real killer.

But, after a few days, the jogging got easier (the first coupe of days my body was stiff as can be… I’m no runner so my body was fighting against me) and waking up early seemed to be a natural thing.

Once I was in the action of waking up early and jogging, it seemed I needed less energy to keep it going.

Think about this with your marketing… The hardest part is just to sit down and start creating your marketing masterpiece. Once you start getting ideas down on paper everything starts to come together. Don’t believe? Try it!!

Have you thought about doing some 3D Mail, but just “haven’t gotten around to it?” How about creating a free report or guide? What’s stopping you??

It’s the resistance of getting started! Once you start you’ll only need a little energy to keep moving (think about every time your on the on-ramp of the highway… your giving your car a lot of gas to get it up to speed and then once you’re on you let off the gas and your car doesn’t sound like it’s going to blow up anymore).

Just start doing SOMETHING and everything will start falling into place. You only need to use a lot of energy at the beginning and then everything else takes care of itself.

Do you feel the same way? Do you notice everything gets easier once you start, and realize the hardest part was to get going??

Now go take action!

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