[Giveaway] What’s Wrong With This Ad?

UPDATE February 29, 2016:  (Congratulations to Jess!  She is the winner of the No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing book!  Also, I want to thank everyone who participated!  Don’t forget every month you’ll have a chance to win something!)

So I’m toying around with the idea of doing monthly giveaways.  Is this something you might be interested in?

It’ll mostly be books (marketing, business, success, motivation, etc.), but I may also do some awesome marketing products (you know… the ones that could cost, gulp, hundreds of dollars!).

And, to see how it goes, I’ve decided to start the first one today!

Here’s the awesome book I’m giving away this month:

No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing book

It’s a brand new copy of marketing guru Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing.  Yes, the picture is the actually copy you’ll get.  Heck, I’ll even sign it for you if you’d like.  😛

Moving on…

For your chance to win just:

  1. Be a current subscriber (And I know you’re already a subscriber so you can check this one off your list),
  2. Review the magazine ad below, and tell me 3 things you’d change with this ad in the comment section below (If you’re reading this on email just click the title above or Click Here so you can see the comment section),
  3. Be in the U.S. or Canada.  Sorry international friend, but I’ll make it up to you someday.  You can still play along if you’d like.  🙂
  4. I will be randomly selecting the winner on February 29, 2016 at noon (Hey, it’s a Leap Year!!!).

Okay, so here’s the magazine ad you need to review:


Let me know the 3 things you’d change with this ad, in the comment section below, for your chance to win!

Don’t forget, when you enter your email address, be sure it’s a working email address so I can contact you to get your shipping address if you win, otherwise I’ll have to pick someone else.

Good luck, and go take action!


  1. 1. I’d create a CTA.
    2. I’d change the background color and font color to make it easier to read.
    3. I’d quit talking about the company and more about the prospects needs.

  2. 1) Company name is buried in text (barely more noticeable).
    2) The ‘We should be talking’ is a weak call to action.
    3) Lack of visualization. (I have to read the entire ad just to know what the company is selling- even then it is somewhat unclear).
    4) I could care less about their site, only what they can do for my business.

  3. 1. Change the color for “New Site” as it’s hard to read for elder clients or those with poor vision.
    2. Give an example of a client that was helped or some sort of evidence that this works.
    3. Provide a phone number
    4. Give a reason why they should call now and not next week or whenever they have lots of spare time.

  4. Ok. Here is what I would do.

    1) Create a better headline. Show that you are tuned into to the conversation going on in the customer’s head. It’s not about shouting (in caps, colours or larger font sizes).
    2) Be clear on the problem you are solving for me by displaying shared insight and concern. This builds trust – by showing understanding, empathy, humanity.
    3) Connect me to a compelling (i.e.”no brainer”), personalized solution with a no-risk offer.

    All of the other stuff (fonts, colours, etc.) are secondary concerns. Not unimportant, just not top three.

  5. I’m gonna be blunt – and mention only ONE change…

    1) “Scrap everything and hire a good direct-response copywriter.”

    The copy is terrible (non-specific and too company focused)

    Besides that – the Call-To-Action is virtually non-existent.

    I’m not a graphic designer so won’t comment on the colors, fonts or layout.

    Good on you David for the great initiative of running a competition with a free book on offer as the incentive. I’ll keep an eye out for the International Contestant’s competition 😉

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