GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp Kicked My…

Burrr!  (What did you think I was going to say… butt?  Ha!  Well, I’ll get to that in a second)

Have you ever been to a seminar/workshop and it felt like you were in an igloo? 

Yeah, well I was at the Two-Day GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp last week in Chicago where it was 70s outside, but inside… well, I had goose bumps running up and down my arms while my teeth started to chatter (who knew you needed a winter coat in the summer?!).

Anywho, after being a member of GKIC for over two years, and being an affiliate for a year and a half, it was finally time for me to check out the Fast Implementation Bootcamp.

And, you know what?!!  I can’t believe I didn’t go sooner (keep reading… I’m going to share pictures and a set of important notes, which can change your business life, with you from the Bootcamp, so pay attention).

Oh, and not only did I freeze my tail off, but the bootcamp kicked my butt, too, with an exhaustive two-days of mind cramming, hands-on training!  I’m beat.

Ok, moving forward…

Name Badge

My Name Badge at the GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp

It was amazing to see all walks of life there.  Young, old, owners of big businesses, small mom & pop shops, magicians (yes, magicians), doctors, lawyers, landscapers, real estate agents, plumbers, tutors, copywriters, personal trainers, etc. Etc. ETC.  All walks of life and businesses.

Travis and Me

Travis Lee with 3D Mail Results and Me (Look at all those goodies behind us!)

Like any seminar/workshop/bootcamp, the host is always going to try to sell you something.  Dave Dee, GKIC’s marketing honcho, didn’t disappoint!  He even mentioned it up front that he was going to try to sell us three things, which, by the look of people rushing to the back of the room, he did a great job!

But, this wasn’t just any old “Buy My Products” seminar/workshop/bootcamp, this was hands on training for two solid days (First day was 8:00am-6:00pm plus a reception from 6:00pm-7:00pm, and the second day was 8:00am-4:30pm… jammed pack with info)!

I have 31 pages of notes, plus 4 more pages of notes on how GKIC put on the bootcamp (that’s a whole other goldmine in itself… just learning how to sell from the stage).

Look at all those notes!  And that's just from the first day.

Look at all those notes! And that’s just from the first day.

Notes from Day 2

Notes from Day 2

I also have a 7 page sales letter complete, one email, and a facts/benefits sheet already to implement for my real estate info-marketing business.  To complete the sales letter they gave us a template sheet (and we got PDF copies, too) so we just fill in the blanks!

Sales letter Template we used.

7 Page Sales letter Template we used.

Also, we created a newsletter template so we can start getting monthly newsletters out to our clients/prospects.

Newsletter Template We Created (Cover)

Newsletter Template We Created (Cover)

Newsletter Template we created (middle)

Newsletter Template We Created (middle)

It was shocking how much info they gave us.  And, the fact it was hands on made it even better! 

Throughout the two days, we got to participate by sharing the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) headlines, emails, sales letters, etc. that we created and we got feedback from GKIC and all the other bootcamp goers.  I can tell you, no one fell asleep here.  We were alert the whole time (and, maybe the freezing cold had something to do with it… but I don’t think so, ha).

While having little workshops, one of our assignments was to write an email that would get opened.  Well, after about 7 minutes, we shared our emails with the group and we’d get help on how to fix them.

One lady started reading her email and it grabbed the attention of everyone!  What did she say?  She started talking about how cold it was in the room (NOTE:  Marketing Legend, Robert Collier said, “You always want to enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.“) 

Bingo!  She hit the bullseye.  Everyone in the room was applauding.  She definitely one best email of the day.  haha

Now, I’m going to share a page of notes with you.  I’d love to share everything with you, but it would take me all day to type out everything I have, plus, sometimes you just need to experience things for yourselves, no what I mean??  What I’ll probably do is create new blog posts with different sets of notes.  How’s that sound?  Good!  Great!  Grand!  🙂

So, I’m going to share one of the most important things you need to know and implement with your marketing:

You need to create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  You need to be able to answer this question:

Why should I, your prospective customer, choose to do business with you versus any and every other option available to me or not do anything at all?

You want this to be a “Benefit Oriented Presentation.”

Here’s 15 Things To Think About When Creating Your USP:

  1. What do you do GREAT?
  2. How will it BENEFIT your TARGET MARKET?
  3. Clearly identifies your TARGET MARKET
  4. Opportunity Gap:  What VOID in the Market Place can you fulfill?
  5. Should be SHORT and EASY to RELAY
  6. Once someone hears it, will it begin a CONVERSATION?
  8. Deliver SPEED
  11. What do people HATE that you can FIX?
  12. What do your CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE?
  13. NICHE
  15. Combination of some or all of the above

If your competitor can use your USP then it’s not good, and you’ll have to come up with a new one.

Be sure to think about all of the above when creating your USP.

I was excited to attend the GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp, and I’m still excited thinking about the great time and all the things I learned that I’m implementing right now.

Also, the main product sold at the bootcamp was the Magnetic Marketing kit (which I already had and paid the higher price).  They sold it at a special bootcamp price of $279 just for those two days (it’s $497 if you go to purchase it from their site right now).  But……. since I’m an affiliate and I attended the bootcamp, GKIC is allowing me to offer the Magnetic Marketing kit to you for the same price as if you attended the bootcamp ($279, or 3 monthly installments of $99).  You’ll also get an option to take a free 2-month test drive of the GKIC Gold Membership.  Click Here or visit:  www.MagneticMarketingKit.com for the special pricing!

You can thank me later!

Now go take action!

*As a side note:  This was a free bootcamp.  I just had to reserve my seat with a $97 refundable deposit (Since seating is limited, they don’t want you to sign up and then never show up, so that’s why you have to give a good-faith deposit down).  And, yes, at the end of the bootcamp you can fill out a form and they’ll refund your $97 back to the credit card you used for the deposit.*


  1. Hi David
    I’m glad that you attended and had a great experience.
    As I just reopen my personal training business I am still having a tough time making my USP concept.
    Can you shed a light on it?

    1. Hey J.Carlos,

      The bootcamp was a great time!!

      I just checked out your new site. Looks great!!

      What have you come up with so far for your USP? Give me a few examples that you’re thinking of.

      -David Hunter

  2. You are THE man for taking action David!

    Getting your burrr (what — you thought I was going to say ‘butt’ too?) to the boot camp shows you’re a doer and not a talker.

    I’m inspired. And that 15 point list for the USP — thanks. Gonna use it to review my own USP!

  3. Hi David,

    Just returned from the bootcamp last week in San Antonio. I had a similar experience. It was amazing!!! Love your notes.. I ran out of paper taking all the notes.. had to use the back side of the sheets. lol

    1. Great to hear, Lemi!!! Can never have enough notes. 🙂

      What are some things you’re starting to implement that you learned from the boot camp?!


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