Here’s An Advertising Axiom For You

“The Greatest Crime An Advertisement Can Commit Is To Remain Unnoticed.”

Did you get that???

I’ll repeat it… “The Greatest Crime An Advertisement Can Commit Is To Remain Unnoticed.”

Dan Kennedy always say, “Don’t Be Boring.”

So, I ask you… Is your advertising and marketing going unnoticed by your prospects and clients?  I’m going to take a stab at the answer and say, Probably!  (I get boring postcards / sales letters in the mail all the time)

Look, when you decide to create and ad or send out a postcard, where do you look for design ideas?  Most businesses look at what other businesses, just like them, are doing, so they copy what their competitors are doing, and, so, they get the same results as their competitors… NOTHING.

Say you’re a real estate agent, ok?  You’re probably used to seeing, and sending, the same old boring Just Listed/Just Sold postcards.  Why?  Because that’s what “all the other agents do.”

That means your postcard goes unnoticed because people become immune to seeing garbage in their mailboxes.

What can you do to stand out from the rest?

How about sending a GIANT postcard with an offer for a free home seller’s guide (remember my last post??  You can check it out by CLICKING HERE). 

By being GIANT, you’ll get noticed (I normally see agents and all types of other businesses, like landscapers, insurance agents, auto repair shops, etc. send out the little 4″ x 6″ postcards).

Now, that’s great and all, if you don’t want a chance to grab your prospects attention.

Send a GIANT postcard (8.5″ x 11″) so it gets noticed.  Then, make an offer!  NO…. don’t say… “Call Me To Schedule An Appointment.”  That’s going right for the sale… which you don’t want to do.  You want to warm up your prospects.

Offer a free guide, or something of value to entice them to contact you.  Give your prospects at least two ways to contact you to get the free item (like email, phone, visit us at…, etc.).

Make it stand out!  Add “outrageous copy” or little comics.  Heck, you can even send real wood postcards these days through the USPS.

My favorite GET NOTICED EVERY TIME direct mail piece is the Bank Bag (You can see some of my 3D Mail Marketing Posts by CLICKING HERE)!  If you got a bank bag in the mail, would you throw it out?  Heck no!  You probably wouldn’t even leave your mailbox until you opened the thing to find out what’s inside.  Now that’s not boring!

Bank Bags are great ideas to send as a follow up to someone who just purchased from you, especially if you’re in a high transaction business (like real estate, consulting, landscaping, doctors, etc.).

Another item I love that gets noticed every time is the mini trash can!  I used these for expired real estate leads.  It was a great feeling when we’d get the call and the home seller would say, “I got your trash can in the mail.”  haha  Love it!

Ok, you got it?  Don’t be boring because… “The Greatest Crime An Advertisement Can Commit Is To Remain Unnoticed.”

**Now, as a subscriber, I’m going to give you a free marketing critique, via email, of one piece of advertising you have.  Be it a sales letter, postcard, classified ad, etc.  All you have to do is send me an email with your marketing piece and a letter of explanation, and I’ll review and write back with my critique.

No More Boring!

Now go take action!

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  1. David I love this: “Don’t be boring”. If only most small business owners and entrepreneurs grabbed a hold of that.

    It amazes me how many business owners create advertising that they themselves would throw away. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Great post!

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