How Are You Packaging Your Mailings?

I signed up for a new credit card a couple of weeks ago and it finally came in the mail.  I’ll tell ya… it made me feel like I was in an elite group.

Normally, if you get a new credit card they send your new card in a regular white envelope.  Inside is your new card with a bunch of disclosures.  Boring.

Well, Discover out did themselves.

My Discover Card was in a little brown package.  I didn’t have a clue who it was from so It was the first thing I opened (It made me curious… think about this in your own mailings).  When I opened the package, it was a beautiful presentation that stood out.

Look at this beautiful presentation!

Look at this beautiful presentation!

Wow!  Someone sure didn’t skimp on the packaging.

I then proceed to open it up and…

I felt like a million bucks!

I felt like a million bucks!

There’s my card!!!  I’ve never had another credit card company send my card in beautiful packaging.  It’s always in a boring, cheap envelope.

Discover also thanks me for choosing them…

Other credit card companies have a lot to learn...

Other credit card companies have a lot to learn…

And, they even include my credit score!

I was impressed.  Discover made me feel like I’m in an elite group.

If someone tells me they are looking for a new credit card company and they want a recommendation, who do you think I’ll tell them about?  You guest it… Discover!

What are ways you can repackage your mailings to give your client the “wow” factor?  How can you make your clients feel like a million bucks?  Are you copying what your competitors are doing, or are you standing out from the crowd?

Now go take action!


  1. aww i was so happy to read your article. i wasn’t expecting someone to write on a credit card package hahaha i will also receive my discover credit card. Ups notified me about a package on the way and i was curious because i wasn’t expecting anything but the credit card. and i was surprise to see the weight of the package the on ups site (which was pretty heavy for just an usual envelope) then i read your article and got me all exited thank you for the article 🙂

    1. Hi Isabella,

      You never know what anyone will write about these days! haha

      Hopefully it’s a rockin’ welcome kit from Discover.


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