How Can I Help You?!

I hope you’re enjoying the last day of February (It’s time for Spring!!!!).  Cleveland is finally starting to see some sun, though, another snow storm is headed our way tonight and tomorrow.  D’oh!

So, anyways, I have a question for you…

How can I help you with your marketing?

What questions do you have about marketing?  Specifically, what questions do you have about direct response marketing and 3D/Lumpy mail??

How about in-house marketing (marketing do a current list of clients… don’t have a current list?  That’s ok, now’s the time to build one)?

Let me know your questions and I’ll start doing “Reader Mailbags” here on the blog answering your questions.  And, If I don’t have an answer I’ll direct you to someone who does!

Feel free to email me or call me at 440-447-0852 with your questions.  You can even use the “Contact” tab above or below.  Or, if you’re reading this in your email, just hit the good ‘ole reply button (it works just as well, ha).

And, if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can always leave a comment below.  That’ll make me smile.  😀  <—- Big ‘ole smile on my face.

Now, think of how I can help you, and your questions, and…



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