How To Force Yourself To Write That Marketing Campaign That You Keep Putting Off In Two Easy Steps

Admit it.  You Are A PROCRASTINATOR.  Hey now, don’t get all defensive… I’m a procrastinator too, so you’re in good company.  😀

Some days I don’t have the motivation to write a sales letter or marketing campaign.  Heck, some days I don’t feel like doing anything (like cleaning the house, yard work, washing the car, working out, etc.).

When I’m not feeling motivated what’s my secret to getting things done (especially marketing campaigns and sales letters written)?

Create A “Real” Deadline

Yep, that’s the big “SECRET” to getting things done.

Monday night I was asked to create a postcard that HAD to be in people’s mailboxes on Thursday… no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Guess what happened on Tuesday?  I created the postcard and got them all printed and prepared for mailing on Wednesday (I used USPS Every Door Direct Mail.  I will talk more about this in a future post).

Now, what do you think would have happened if I was asked to create that same postcard but there wasn’t a deadline?  That’s right, I would have procrastinated and got the postcards done later in the week or next week, or never (haha – I could “never” do that)!

Tips For Creating A Mailing Campaign

As you know, I’m working on a 3D mail campaign.  I created a deadline for when I need to have the first postcard out in the mail.  This forced me to get the postcard created.  Once I hit the deadline the postcard was off in the mail.  But, guess what?!  I didn’t have my second or third steps of the mailing campaign created, AND, I put in a deadline on the postcard which ties into the second and third steps.

What’s that mean?  Well, it means I told the world, “Hey!  I’m sending you something in the mail and you need to respond by this date or you won’t qualify.”  Now, I’m forced to create the second step of my marketing campaign.  Can you guess what I had in the second campaign?  Yep, the DEADLINE!

Now, again, I’m forced to create the third step of my marketing campaign.  I can’t let my clients down, and I don’t want customers to think there is a deadline and that I’m sending them something in the mail and it never gets to them.  What kind of marketer would I be?!

So, here is the two easy tips for you to follow:

  • Create a DEADLINE for when your first step of a marketing campaign must be completed;
  • Continue that DEADLINE in your second and third steps so you’ll be FORCED to create your marketing campaign.

If you have more steps, use the same tips to get the marketing campaign completed.  No need to have the whole marketing campaign complete before you start sending out the first step.  It’s better to have an “ok” written sales letter go out in the mail then a “dynamite ‘will make you millions of dollars'” sales letter never make it into the mail boxes of your prospects.

“Create as you GO!”

Now go take action!

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