How To Regain Control Of Your Life In A Facebook Kind Of World


You know this is you, you devil you!

You know this is you, you devil you!







Yeah, you read that right.  STOP IT!

Stop going on your Facebook every 10 seconds to see that your “friends” hate their jobs, and that they need money because they blew all of their money at the bar last night.


Stop going on your Facebook to collect more gold coins, or to plow your fields on Farmville.  You’re wasting your life away.


Do you really want to succeed in life?  Do you want to grow a business that makes you financially free?  Do you really??

Well, here is how to free yourself from the Facebook world and regain control of your life!

Step 1:  Delete the Facebook app from your iPhone or Droid, or… if you’re like me, your Blackberry (go Crackberry, go!)

Step 2:  Go online and cancel your Facebook account.  No worries, mate, this will just turn off your Facebook, but if you fail you can turn your Facebook account back on and start back where you left off (but, then you may get sucked right back into Facebook even harder and faster!  Remember what you learned about losing weight?  Lose 20 lbs. but you gain back 30.  Yeah, don’t do that).

Step 3:   Delete all of your internet browsing history so when you start typing Facebook in the URL box it doesn’t pop up and make it quick and easy to click.

Step 4:  Once you do the above three steps, go for a walk in the park to clear your head.  Think about all of the free time you will have, and how much positive energy will come into your life!  Yes, you will notice positive energy in your life because you won’t be reading all of your friends negative energy sucking rants about how much they hate their jobs, their money problems, and their life.

I remember reading somewhere (I’ll have to look it up and update this post for you) that the average teen spends over 10 hours a day on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

That’s  actually hard to believe, but… with good ole smart phones, you can surely open up 20 tabs at a time with all of your feeds running while your teachers and employers babble on about nothing (Who knows, maybe they are actually talking about something that will change your life, but you just missed it because you were too busy wasting your life away.

Ha!  It’s funny when I hear stories about people who think Dan Kennedy is crazy for not having the interest (It’s true, he DOES NOT HAVE THE INTERNET) and has never used a Facebook, email, twitter or anything else related to the internet.

Dan is on to something…

Now get off your time sucking Facebook and go make some fricken money!

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