How To Turn Your Amatuer Craigslist Ad Into A Professional Ad In 2 Easy Steps

Ok, folks… You know what really grinds my gears?  Un-professional email addresses! 

I’m not talking about having to buy a domain name and get an email with your domain (although, this is preferred), no… I’m talking getting an email from Google (again, preferred) or Yahoo with your business name or you full name. 

What I usually see on Craigslist is… or (this is ok between your friends, but not for business).  **Note:  This does not just apply to Craigslist**

Seriously, why would anyone respond to your stupid Craigslist ad when you have a crappy email address like the ones above?  WHY?!  I see those email addresses and it’s an instant NEXT.

So, the next time your thinking about creating an ad for your business or services, please use a professional email address.  You can create unlimited number of emails using Gmail or many other email providers.


Step 1:  Get rid of your whorish email address.
Step 2:  Create a professional email address with your business name or a service you offer.

Ok, I’m finished with my rant.

Now go take action!

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