How To Use A Marketing Funnel To Get Website Traffic And Make Sales

I see this question all the time… “How can I get more traffic to my site?”

Well, if you were like me, you were going around making connections, posting on forums to been seen as the expert, commenting on other blogs, etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It still works, it just takes a lot of “work” and I still recommend being seen around the net, but it’s better to have a marketing funnel in place.

That’s when I remembered Ryan Deiss (founder of Digital Marketer) talking about getting website traffic through Facebook in the December 2014 issue of the *No B.S. Marketing Letter.

I started reading through article again and decided to give it a try, but I’m not using Facebook at the moment.  I’m first testing Bing Ads (I just started using Bing Ads and I’ll update you once my test is complete) using this “system.”  <—See that.  I said “system.”  Do all the work up front creating a system and let the marketing system do all the work.

So, I wanted to share this newsletter article with you because I know it’ll help you out if you take action.  When you read the article, it’s going to sound like it’s only for online businesses.  Keep reading, because this can be applied to ANY business.

Website Traffic 1 GKIC

Website Traffic 2 GKIC

What Ryan is doing is creating a marketing funnel that revolves around Facebook (though, any form of media can work).  He creates an ad offering a Lead Generation Magnet (this can be a free e-book, marketing course, etc.) which drives traffic to his site.  Once on the site, and the prospect opts-in, they are put into a marketing funnel which does the selling for you.

Here’s What To Do To Create Your Marketing Funnel:

  • Create a free e-book / marketing course / Special Report to use as your Lead Generation Magnet.
  • Put an ad on Facebook / Bing / Google or on your offline marketing (Postcards, Sales letters, Flyers, etc.) offering the free Lead Generation Magnet.
  • When a prospect opts-in offer a “Tripwire.”  This is a low-dollar product that you offer right after a prospects claims the Lead Generation Magnet.
  • Then create a follow up plan offering other products or services (Don’t offer the higher-end products right up front.  You want to build off the lower priced products and services).

Take a look around at my site.  You’ll see in the upper right sidebar I offer a free “7 Marketing Mistakes” course (You’re a subscriber, right??).  This is my Lead Generation Magnet.

Then at the end of the course I offer a tripwire which is a book for $4.95 shipped to your door.

Once the prospect has opted-in to get the tripwire, they’ll get a series of emails to upsell them on the newsletters and marketing products that’ll help grow their business into a money-making machine.

Now you may be wondering, “But David, this sounds like it’s for online businesses and doesn’t apply to my brick-‘n-mortar business).

Well, here’s a little secret:  Look at what other industries are doing and swipe the ideas into your own industry (Think of the drive-thru… It started at the City Center Bank in New York in 1928 and then restaurants started copying it in 1947).

This can work with any business.  If you’re a real estate agent you can use postcards offering a free home seller’s guide by directing them to your website to opt-in.  Once they opt-in you can create a series of follow up emails/postcard mailings and continue to market to them.

Landscaper?  You could create a gardening guide and offer it to prospects for free.  Same as the real estate agent… direct them online and put them in a marketing funnel.  Once they get the free gardening guide you upsell them with a spring clean up.  Then move them along the funnel to weekly lawn maintenance and then landscape design.

Do you currently have a marketing system in place?
Does it include a marketing funnel?
How are you currently getting new prospects?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to marketing funnels to drive traffic to your website and making sales.

You just have to… GO TAKE ACTION!!!

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