If One Can, YOU Can!


So I was reading through the January 2017 edition of the No B.S. Marketing Letter and Dan Kennedy (you know, the Marketing Millionaire Maker) was talking about looking at what’s being done around you and know that YOU can do it too!  So, I wanted to share what he said below.

Here’s Dan’s quote:

“If ONE can, there’s no reason I can’t.  Even if there’s just one (which there isn’t), gee, why can’t I be the second one?  The fact that somebody has done it is absolute proof others can – therefore I can too.  And:  now I will get busy figuring out how, and doing it.”

Dan hit the bullseye!  There’s no reason you can’t do anything… heck, there’s no reason you can be the FIRST at something.

Just take time and think about this as you go through this week and think… “If they can do it, I CAN DO IT!”  Or… be the FIRST!

Now go take action!

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