I’m Going Ape!


My Fun For Monday!

My Fun For Monday!

It’s true.  I’m going ape and I LOOOVE IT!

You see, I’m going on vacation next week to visit my dad in Virginia Beach (be jealous), and my wife wants to go zip lining.  So, as we were searching for places to go zip lining, we came across a place called Go Ape (www.GoApe.com).  <——–Check it out!

There, they have zip lines, tarzan swings, rope ladders, and obstacles all up in the tree canopies.  I’m a little nervous, but… if I can go skydiving this should be a breeze.

I just checked out some youtube videos of where we are going (We are going to the one in Williamsburg) and it looks crazy!  Hopefully I’ll survive.  😉

I love experiencing these new thrills.  I give major props to the people who created Go Ape.  What an adventure.

When I get back I hope to have photos and some videos of the obstacle course and zip lining.

Wish me luck!

Now go take action (not just in business but in life)!




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