Is There A Better Way To Get Business Besides Cold Calling?


Don't Be Like This Guy

Don’t Be Like This Guy






Despite what you hear from the marketing gurus, Cold Calling is NOT dead.  BUT, do you really want to make cold calls, or would you rather prospects pick up the phone and call you?

You’d rather the prospects pick up the phone and call you (I’m a mind reader!  That’ll be $27 please).

You see, if you’re like me, you’d rather jump out of a perfectly good airplane 13,000 feet above a big ball of solid mass ready to crush every bone in your body (Actually, I’ve done just that) than make a cold call.

Cold calling is dirty.  You’re an annoying pest and no one likes you.  I’ll admit, when I made cold calls for an accounting firm 90% of the people were nice.  The other 10% were crabby or really mean, but can you blame them?

One man who I know is a pro at cold calling is my dad.  It’s amazing listening to him on the phone, taking rejection after rejections and firing back at these prospects until they give in.  Unbelievable!  He tells me to just pick up the phone and start calling.  Unfortunately, I lack his cold calling genes.  That’s why I’m always learning…

Direct-Response Marketing

The best way to get around cold calling is to send Direct-Response mailings to your prospects.  This is by getting a detailed list of your perfect prospect and mailing them sales letters, postcards, 3D mail, etc.

When sending out your mailings, always be sure to give the prospect a reason to call (Reason Why).  Give them a free report or free gift if they stop into your store.  This will create response.

The best part about Direct-Response mailings is you can track who responds.  This means you can add them to a different list and keep sending them mailings.

Also, another great part about Direct-Response mailing is you don’t get rejected face-to-face, ear-to-ear.  You never have to hear the prospects say NO.  You will know that the prospects rejected you by never calling or showing up to your place of business to get their free gift, but it’s much easier to sleep at night knowing people are screaming back at you.

So, I encourage you to try out Direct-Response Marketing.  Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be sure to get you answers.

Oh, if you enjoy cold calling, and you’re great at it, my hat is off to you!  It does work wonders, and you do what 99% of people can’t do.  Keep it up!

Now go take action!

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