Just A Life Rant

Life…  It’s over in a flash.

So, this past week there were three deaths my family heard about.  One was a family friends mother who pasted away out of the blue (She was 76).  My Aunt’s neighbor past away sitting in a waiting room at the dentist, again, out of the blue (He was 54).  My bosses friend past away from diabetes (She was 60).

Gosh, it really makes you think about life.  One minute they were kids playing in the sandbox with their friends dreaming of what they’re going to do with their lives, then the next minute it’s all over… never to return again.

It’s scary how fast time goes.  This year is my 10 year high school reunion.  10 years!!!!  It feels like yesterday that I dread going to school and having to do homework.  Now, I look back and realize how easy life was.  Sometimes I wish I could go back, but I know it’s best to keep moving forward.

I want to leave a mark in the world when I die.  A legacy.  Really, once you die nothing matters.  Everything you did, the people you hung out with, the millions of dollars that you made (or didn’t make), your job, careers, wife, kids, dogs, family, friends.  It’s gone in an instant.  And, life goes on for the people around you.  Just another life cycle.  Ash to Ash. 

As you go through the day, be sure to tell your loved ones that you love them.  Take a moment to slow down and spend some quality time with the people you care about.  You never know when your time, or theirs, is up.  Poof!  You’re gone.

Here’s something I always want you to remember as you go through the days of your lives…

Be kind and compassionate towards everyone you meet because you never know what life battles they are fighting.


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