Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal!

In the Spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d share with you (if you haven’t already seen it) a Google Commercial that was just released.

Have a look…

I actually enjoyed this commercial. It let’s me relive the one and only Home Alone from my childhood.

It’s not the greatest at “response” type marketing. In fact, it doesn’t ask for ANY response. It’s mostly just for branding and, again, to let us relive a little Home Alone! And, they clearly had fun with this!

So marketing tip… Try new things. Get people talking. And… HAVE FUN with your marketing! But do remember… tell your viewers what you would like them to do next. This Google Commercial gets people talking for the season, but will soon be forgotten.

Now go out there and have a very Merry Christmas!

¬°Feliz Navidad!

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