Lumpy Mail? Say what?!

Have you ever received mail that had a little “bump” in it… or it looked like the envelope was about to give birth to a 9 lb. baby?

If not, you’re in luck!

The other day I received some lumpy mail (You know I love using lumpy mail and 3D Mail… check out some previous posts by Clicking Here).

It came in a plain, white envelope with my address and business name… and that’s it.  No return address.  No teasers on the outside.  Nothing, nadda, zip.

But, it was about half an inch thick, and I could fill some kind of cylinder thingy ma-doodle (Look at me… I can make up words!) inside.  So, obviously, it was the first piece of mail I opened that night.

What was inside?  For starters, there was a thick piece of plastic which gave it the lumpiness, along with a sales letter / order form, guarantee, return envelope, and a pen… and this isn’t just any pen.  It’s a squiggle pen with my business name on it!

Here’s a picture…

Lumpy Mail

I’ve received lumpy mail before, but this was a real kicker since they already took the time to print my business name on it (giving me an example of what it’ll exactly look like).  Oh, and I bet you’re wondering… yes.. the pen works… and it works great!!!

A few key points to consider about this mailing:

  1. Lumpy:  They made the envelope lumpy, so they know the recipient will open it.
  2. Personalized:  They plaster the business name all over the sales letter / order form and on the pen.
  3. Offer:  They had a great offer.  Buy as many pens as you like for $0.36 a piece.  Normal price was $1.49 a piece.  After you make your first order, you can’t get the $0.36 anymore… so this makes you want to buy as many as possible (they mention this is a separate, little piece of paper that has big, bold letters:  “A Word of Advice”)
  4. Deadline:  They had a deadline that was in 30 days (they used the delivery date, though I would have liked to see a specific date like… Offer Expires November 15, 2014).
  5. Guarantee:  They offered a guarantee in a P.S. (P.S. is another great point to add to your sales letters).

I thought this was a fantastic mailing.  There’s one thing I would have done differently.  Adding in testimonials (the whole back side of the sales letter was blank white space).  But, can’t win ’em every time.

Oh, and You’re probably wondering… “David, did you order any pens?”  Why yes… yes I did.  ha

So, have you ever sent out lumpy mail?  If so, what were you results?

If not, what’s something you could send out to make your mailings lumpy?  If you need ideas, be sure to visit  They have a great source of “grabbers” to make your mailings lumpy and get opened!

Now go take action!


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