Make 2019 The Year Of…

First off, Happy New Year! ¡Feliz año nuevos! (I’m just working on my Spanish.) I hope 2019 is your most successful year yet!

Originally I was going to make this a video, but since I had a cold since last week and woke up yesterday morning with… gulp… Pink Eye (It might as well have been leprosy), I decided to just write this out for you.

So, without further ado, what’s one way you can make 2019 your most successful year yet? By making 2019 the year of…


That’s right. ASKING! It’s really that simple.

What do I mean by ASKING? Well, the millionaire-maker, marketing extraordinaire himself, Dan Kennedy, says, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” How true is that?!

Here’s a little example from a recent Christmas Shopping trip on was on with my cousin, Jared.

We’re at Lowe’s Home Improvement to pick up a gift for Jared’s dad. He finds it so we load it up in one of those huge, orange flat carts and head to the cashier. It was pretty pricey so as we made it to the cashier I blurted out, “Have any discounts for us?!” In a cheerful tone.

The friendly cashier said, “No, I’m sorry.” So I was like that’s ok. I noticed a little sign that said, “Get $25 off your purchase when you open a Lowe’s card.” I mentioned it to Jared but he didn’t want to open a new card.

So that was the end of that… or so we thought.

After the cashier scanned the product and typed a little bit on her computer she turned and said, “I was able to get you 10% off.” BINGO!!!

Big smiles appeared from our faces. We couldn’t thank her enough, had a little chat, wished her a Merry Christmas and then we were on our way.

My cousin couldn’t believe it. He’s like, “How’d you do that?” “Jared,” I said, “always remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

Let this be a lesson for you this year. It doesn’t just apply to you purchasing things. It applies to you business and marketing!

ASK your prospects for their contact info. ASK your customers and clients to take the next step . ASK them for the sale.

Make 2019 your year of ASKING!

Happy New Year! Now go take action! 😉

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