Make Money With The Direct Mail Solution

Are you trying to get your feet wet with Direct Mail?  Not sure how to go about creating your direct mail campaign or just don’t know where to start?  Maybe you’re a seasoned pro but need a little “refresher.”

Well, finally…  a fantastic book about direct mail has hit the shelves.

The Direct Mail Solution by Craig Simpson and Dan Kennedy goes through the nuts and bults of using direct mail to generate leads, drive sales, and make money with your business (see below on how to get your FREE copy of The Direct Mail Solution).

So, what will you get out of this book so you can be on your way to making more money?

Here’s the breakdown of the Table of Contents:

Preface: How I Started Making Money in Direct Mail – and How You Can, Too!
Chapter 1:  How to Think about Direct Mail to Grow Rich
Chapter 2:  Direct Mail Basics and Creating the Perfect Sales Piece
Chapter 3:  Sales Piece Format and Design
Chapter 4:  How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Traffic to Your Website – and Then Back to Your Store!Chapter 5:  The Message and the Messenger
Chapter 6:  Mailing Lists and Segmentation
Chapter 7:  We Know Where YOU Live
Chapter 8:  Expanding Your Mailing Universe
Chapter 9:  Tracking Your Mail Campaign
Chapter 10:  Technical Details That Help You Create Better Mailings – and Save You Money, Too!
Chapter 11:  Why You Should Be an Information Marketer
Chapter 12:  Putting It All Together – the Details of Scheduling a Direct Mail Campaign

A few extremely important “gems” that you will get from The Direct Mail Solution are…

  • How to choose different mailing lists and what to mail to that list (I would say this is the most important aspect of any mailing);
  • How to use the RFM system (You can check out my blog post about the RFM system HERE, but the book The Direct Mail Solution goes into greater detail);
  • How to go from “start to finish” with your mail campaigns (from designing the mail piece, picking the list, up-sells, picking the right printers, which mail service to use, tracking, etc.).

Also, how would you like to mail your marketing campaign?  Postcard, sales letter, 3D Mail (Check out my 3D Mail posts HERE for examples), newsletters, catalogues, etc.  All of this can be found in The Direct Mail Solution.  Be sure to check out my other blog posts for money-making marketing information.

It’s important you start direct mail in your business right now!  Time is money.

Would you like a FREE copy of The Direct Mail Solution?  Well, you’re in luck! 

To get your FREE** copy of The Direct Mail Solution, simply sign up for your FREE Marketing Kit with my affiliate (You must Click Here or go to the “FREE Marketing Kit” tab above for details on how to get your FREE Marketing Kit), send me a copy of the email confirmation (Go to the “Contact” tab above), and I will send you your FREE copy of The Direct Mail Solution.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Now go take action!

**To be eligible: You must live in the United States and have a U.S. address so I can send The Direct Mail Solution to you**

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