Marketing Mistake Number 1: Not Sending The RIGHT MESSAGE

Marketing Mistake Number 1: 
Not Sending the RIGHT MESSAGE

Enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.” -Robert Collier

With all of your marketing you want to be sure you’re always sending the RIGHT MESSAGE.  What does that mean?  I’m about to tell you…

Marketing Extraordinaire, Dan Kennedy, came up with this Unique Selling Proposition question:  “Why should I choose your business/product/service versus any/every other competitive option available to me?”

Do you remember Domino’s Pizza’s selling proposition they used many-many years ago?  It was, “Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

Think about it.  They didn’t say they have the best tasting pizza.  They didn’t say they have the fastest delivery service.  No!  They mentioned benefits of their service.

They said, “Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

When you’re in the mood for pizza, what do you want?  You want it to be fresh, hot, and you want it NOW.  Domino’s gives you all that in their selling proposition, along with a guarantee!  If it wasn’t fresh, hot, or delivered within 30 minutes it was free.

They were getting the RIGHT MESSAGE across to millions of people who wanted fresh, hot pizza right now.  And they delivered (pun intended, ha)!

So, what kind of message are you sending to your prospects?  Are you giving them a message full of benefits?

Here’s another example:

Craig Proctor (now a real estate coach) was the top Re/Max agent in the world at age 29.  How’d he do it?  He came up with a great selling proposition.

On his signs and marketing, he said, “Buy this home from me and I’ll buy yours for CASH.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard sellers say they’d love to buy “so and so” house if only they could get their house sold.  Well, with Craig’s selling proposition they would be able to buy a new house without waiting for a buyer to come along (Bonus Benefit:  Now you have happy clients who got the house of their dreams because they didn’t have to worry about when their house would sell, so now they’re telling all their friends about the great experience they had with you).

Another way to get the RIGHT MESSAGE across to your prospects is to show Proof.

How do you show proof?  Well, there are a couple ways:

  • You can ask your clients for detailed testimonials that you can use on all of your marketing materials. And when I say detailed, I mean detailed. Example: “Originally, I was with another real estate agent for 6 months without ever getting an offer. I decided to switch agents and go with Jane. She came over and helped me stage my house and what needed to be cleaned/painted and how to make my house “pop.” Then, she had my house sold within 4 days of listing it! I couldn’t be happier because my family was moving to Texas, and I didn’t want to stay behind trying to get my house sold. I highly recommend Jane if you want your house sold today, not tomorrow.”See what I did there? I was detailed. Gave a specific time on how long it took to sell the house and what the agent did to help.
  • Say you’re selling a weight loss pill. You can include scientific research results within your message. Show a doctor, and show the analyzed report.Proof is huge. Why do you think Amazon allows users to give reviews on products? Because they know it sells (or, if you have a bad product… doesn’t sell).

Now that you know you need the right message, it’s time to work on your plan of action. 

Your Plan of Action:

  1. Study Domino’s selling proposition. What kind of benefits does your product/service offer, and how can you include it into your selling proposition?  Remember Dan Kennedy’s USP question:  “Why should I choose your business/product/service versus any/every other competitive option available to me?” 
  2. Collect detailed testimonials from your current and past clients. A great tool to use is Angie’s List. It’s free to sign up your business, and then you can start sending out your personal link to get reviews. Just be sure to ask for a detailed review and if you can use it on all of your marketing materials along with their first and last names.

Tomorrow, you’ll receive Marketing Mistake Number 2:  Not Targeting the RIGHT MARKET.

So be on the lookout and be sure is in your “safe senders” list.  You don’t want to miss out on the next lesson!