Marketing Mistake Number 3: Not Using The RIGHT MEDIA

Marketing Mistake Number 3:
Not Using the RIGHT MEDIA

Sometimes, you may be getting the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT MARKET, but you may not be using the RIGHT MEDIA.

So, I ask you… How are you currently getting your best sales message in front of your target prospects (what media are you using… examples:  Postcards, TV Commercials, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Billboards, Flyers, Signs, Skywriting [you know… those airplanes that write in the sky], or any other of the millions different forms of media)?

One of the many things I learned from Dan Kennedy was you need to go where your prospects hang out.

Let me repeat that:

You Need To Go Where Your Prospects Hang Out

If your target market is still reading the newspaper, then you need to advertise in the newspaper.  If they’re hanging out on Facebook then you need to advertise on Facebook.

Just because you tried marketing before (using direct mail, email, Google, Facebook, flyers, etc.) doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  Look at your message to see if it matches up with the right market.

Say, for example, you’re selling financial investments.  You have the right message that targets CEOs and put flyers under their doors.  Do you think you’ll get responses?  No.  It’s bad use of media.  If you’re targeting CEOs you want your mailings to look affluent.  Now, if you’re selling pizzas and put flyers underneath windshield wipers of cars at a swap meet then you may be using the right media.

This is why you need to choose your media carefully.  You also need to find all forms of media that will bring in new prospects and use as many forms as possible.  If postcards, Facebook ads, Billboards, Flyers, Signs, all work in getting new prospects then be sure to use those forms of media.

Now that you understand you need to use the RIGHT MEDIA, tomorrow we’ll discuss why you need to send your marketing campaigns at the right time.

Your Plan of Action:

  1. Make a list of as many different forms of media you can think of (I already started for you, but there are thousands more).
  2. Now, what forms of media will work best on your prospects? Where are they currently hanging out? What’s the best way to reach them, a postcard or a Facebook ad (or both?)? Be sure to write these done on a piece of paper.

Tomorrow, you’ll receive Marketing Mistake Number 4: Not Sending at the RIGHT TIME.

So be on the lookout and be sure is in your “safe senders” list.  You don’t want to miss out on the next lesson!

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