My Notes From Magnetic Email Marketing Live Webinar

Last Friday I was invited to attend the Magnetic Email Marketing Live Webinar hosted by Dave Dee of GKIC and the one-and-only Dan Kennedy (Marketing Guru and Millionaire Maker)!!!

It was a great four-hours of email marketing training.

Now, since you weren’t able to make it, I took some notes that I would like to share with you.

I did end up buying the Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit.  It’s not available yet to the public, unless you were at the live webinar… which was also part of the “creation” of the product.  Pretty neat if you ask me.

So, I’m going to share some of the notes I took for you.  Once I get the Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit I’ll be sure to do a video review for you.

Now, without further ado, I present my notes on Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit:

Assumptions Are Dangerous – Be Clear On What You Want Your Prospects To Do.

Don’t just assume because you have a subscription form that people will start subscribing.  Be specific on what you want your prospects to do.

What Info Ought You Collect?… The Info You’re Going To Use.

When subscribing to different blogs or filling out cards at a local business they ask you for all kinds of info.  Some just ask for an email.  Others ask for your whole life story, and everything in between.

So what do you ask for?  I like to ask for first name, email, and industry.  This helps me when deciding on what to focus my marketing efforts on and how to help you!

You can’t control deliverability, but you can control open rate.

You can’t control if your email goes to spam (If your service provider gets too many spam complaints on their users, it’ll effect everyone’s deliverability rate… yes, even yours).

But, you can control the open rate.  This is where we get to headlines…

7 Types Of Headlines (Subject Lines):

  1. Intriguing Questions
  2. How to –
  3. 7 Secrets to… (don’t answer the secret in the beginning of the email)
  4. Current Event Tie In
  5. Personalized
  6. Bizarre (think National Enquirer)
  7. Benefit

Now, when using these 7 types of headlines, but sure to always use them in a random rotation.  Don’t think I’ll do  1-2-3-4-5-6-7 or 2-7-5-1-6-4-3 and repeat.  No!  Always have them in random rotation.  You don’t want your prospects to catch on to your rotation.

Make Emails Personal.  Talk About Your Family And Life’s Events.

Use their first name as a greeting.  Talk about what’s going on with your life.  How’s the dogs?

Focus On People Who Are Responsive.

If you find a group of people non-responsive, don’t focus on them.  Focus on people who click your links, are active in your comments, or send you emails with questions.

Don’t Stop Talking To The Prospect Too Soon After They’ve Expressed Interest.

Not just in email, but in normal sales.  Once a prospect expresses interest is the time you want to close them.  Don’t let things “linger” otherwise they may go away… forever.  Eeek

Get Prospects Excited About What They’re About To Get.

Once a prospect clicks your links and buys a product, send them a follow up email expressing how much they’re lives are going to change because of their purchase, or how it’s going to increase their business.

If You Want A Surge Of Sales You Need To Create A Stampede.

Watching this Live Webinar was a perfect example on how to create a stampede of customers, with money in hand, ready to buy the product.  Heck, I was one of them and the product is still be created!  Obviously it worked.

Again, once I get the new Magnetic Email Marketing I’ll be sure to do a video review (once I go over the materials of course).  But, don’t worry about forgetting.  I’ll be sure to remind you!

Take the notes above and apply them to your current email marketing campaigns.

Are you currently doing any of the above?  Which ones do you want to implement today?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

And, as always…  Now go take action!



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