Nike: Just Do It

I absolutely LOVE Nike’s slogan: “Just Do It!”

How often are you trying to create a new marketing campaign or ad, but other tasks get in the way and you never get done what you started out to do? Quite often I bet.

Just Do It

Sometimes you just got to do it. Don’t wait for your ad or marketing campaign to be “just” right before publishing it, because, guess what… It’ll NEVER be perfect.

You know what’s worse than not getting your ad perfect? Come on… Take a guess.

That’s it! Not publishing or sending out your ad or marketing campaign. If it never gets out of your door it will never get read. And, if it never gets read you’ll never make a sale to get a customer.

Think about this the next time you are trying to “perfect” an ad or marketing campaign. Heck, think about this as you go through life. Don’t procrastinate. Just go out there. “Just Do It!”

Now go take action!

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