No B.S. Marketing Letter June 2017

Howdy-ho!!  It’s been over a month since I’ve written an article here, but I just wanted to share with you some insights from the marketing legend, Dan Kennedy, in his June 2017 edition of the No B.S. Marketing letter.

It’s just going to be little quotes to get some blood flowing through your brain and get your creative juices flowing for your next marketing campaign.


By their fascinations we shall know them!

If you do not have a specific, clearly defined rules to live by that you do live by, you are forever going to be that tiny ship, adrift, and imperiled in every storm. (Yikes!!)

You can impose your will; your rules on others, though; staff, business associates, vendors, clients.  And you must!

ALWAYS In The Middle Of The Street (What’s this mean?  Dan was talking about how at Disney they train their cast to always stand in the middle of the street!  Whatever it is they are selling, they need to be in the middle of the street so people pass by them at all angles.  If you’re standing at a corner you’re going to miss out on a lot of moolah)

Texas Bix Bender quote, “Just because there’s a well-traveled trail doesn’t mean the cowpoke who made it knew where he was going.”  (Dan then says,… “I cannot emphasize enough:  question everything.  And, if in doubt, do the opposite of what everybody else is doing.”)

Few consumers deliberately seek out and tune into advertising, ever.  90% of advertising is delivered by force, coercion or, often, subterfuge.  Many consumers can be interested in any number of beneficial things only when tricked into reading, listening, viewing information about them.

Our entire economy revolves around people becoming interested in and buying things they never knew existed or could not have been interested in if not initially “Made You Look!” by some trickery.

You must first “get in the door,” then secure Attention, then create Interest, then have Permission to Sell, then develop Trust, etc.

The size of the hole you give through is the size of the hole you receive through.  (Just like… you sow what you reap).

Whelp, I’m sure you’re mind is activated now!

Think about what Dan said above, and think about how it can help you with your marketing and selling your products and services.

Now go take action!

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