No B.S. Marketing Letter

No B.S. May 2013 cover

No B.S. about it!

Yippee!  I just received my No B.S. Marketing Letter from GKIC for May.  If you’re not familiar with GKIC, it stands for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle and was founded by Dan Kennedy (Visit: to try the No B.S. Marketing Letter for two months… FREE!!).  He is the mecca of Direct-Response Marketing.

Each month my No B.S. Marketing Letter arrives in the mail and I read it from start to finish as soon as I walk through my front door.  It’s jam packed with Direct-Response Marketing information, info-marketing, sales, online media and Dan even gives us his thoughts with the Inside the Mind of the Millionaire Maker.  If you’re easily offended, then you may not like Dan very much and probably aren’t very successful.  :-\  Oh well.

Any-who, I always get new ideas from the Marketing Letters to implement into Direct-Response Marketing campaigns.

One awesome lesson, which you may want to start taking notes, is when you create a mailing have prospects respond with a reply card, website, or a call in number to receive more information.  You don’t want to sell the prospects right away because they may get scared like a frightened cat and run off leaving their whiskers behind.  Therefore, make sure they know they are responding to receive an information packet, DVD, CD, about the product/service you are offering.  People don’t want to be sold right up front.  You have to give the massage first before you get to the “happy ending.”

So, quit directing prospects to the sale and give them more information before proceeding.

Don’t forget to visit to get your two month’s of the No B.S. Marketing Letter for FREE.

Now go take charge!


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