Notes From The Total Business Growth Accelerator Livecast

So for the past week I sent out a few emails to you about the no-cost Total Business Growth Accelerator livecast that Dave Dee (Marketing Genius) of GKIC was hosting.

Now I know some of you couldn’t be there, so I figured I’d share some of my notes with you… Ain’t I a swell guy?

But… (there’s always a but), they’re not going to go into detail.  It’s going to be outline form, and it will get your mind flowing so you can come up with great marketing campaigns for your business.  And, if you have questions about any of the notes and would like me to go into more details then simply leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do for you.  🙂


Notes from the Total Business Growth Accelerator livecast

Four Reasons Businesses Fail:

  1. Not really in touch with customers and clients.
  2. No real differentiation in market.
  3. Failure to communicate value propositions (very important).
  4. Leadership not be able to come up with proven customer-getting streams.

Three Components to List Building:

  1. Media
  2. Magnet
  3. Capture


Integrate Offline and Online Marketing.

  • Facebook
  • Postcards
  • Valpak
  • Pay Per Click ads
  • Business Cards
  • Email

When done properly, online and offline marketing will boost the other.

You need to ‘Plant the Farm.’  Real Estate agents use this term when they ‘Farm’ a neighborhood with postcards, door hangers, etc.


  • Designed to get prospects to take action.
  • Get inside the head of your ideal prospect.

Four Questions To Answer To Create Your Ultimate Lead Generation Magnet

  1. Who is your best prospect?
  2. What keeps them awake at night?
  3. First piece of info they want?
  4. If I could just______?  (How would your prospect finish this sentence?)

What are some different types of Magnets?

  • Report
  • Book
  • Video
  • Article
  • Email Course

What you call the title of your Magnet is VERY IMPORTANT!


Need non-threating first contact.

  • Drive to a Lead Capture Page (Be sure your headline is the same as on the marketing you used to get your prospects to your Lead Capture Page).
  • All marketing needs to look the same!
  • Killer Offer.
  • Follow-up OFFLINE.
  • Thank You Page (Resells, Pre-frames what your prospects will be receiving, and teases them).

Use a Shock ‘N Awe package.

What to include in your Shock ‘N Awe package?  (Report, Book, Checklist, Newsletter, and Micro Salesletter).

Be sure to have a Unique Follow-up (offline and online… be different from everyone else).

How can you be unique with your Follow-up?  (Grabber and 3D Mailings, Email, Newsletters.  You can see a video on 3D Mailings and Grabbers by Clicking Here).

Number One Marketing Sin Is Being BORING!


  • Use Themes (Based on what’s happening in the current month).
  • Use Oversized Postcards (like the 8.5″ x 11″ postcards you can see by Clicking Here).
  • Killer Offer.

Success Nuggets (World’s Smallest Newsletter):

  • Include picture of the theme.
  • Be sure to have Inspirational Quotes.
  • Have a Killer Offer and Call-to-Action (CTA).

Email Newsletter:

  • Make sure it’s HTML.
  • Be entertaining.

Cash Flow Surge (Do this Quarterly):

  • Use Multi-Media
  • Short Campaigns
  • Killer Offer (Hmm… there’s a theme going on here with these Killer Offers)

Lost Customer Reactivation should be done twice a year.

Referral follow-ups should be done every Monday.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up!

Whelp, there you have it.  Some notes for you to start thinking about so you can create your next marketing campaign.

Again, if you have questions be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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Now go take action!

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