[Notes] Outrageous Advertising by Bill Glazer

One of my favorite marketing books is Outrageous Advertising by marketing legend Bill Glazer (co-founder of GKIC).

So, today I’m going to give you the notes I took on Outrageous Advertising that you can use today to increase your Return-on-Investment advertising dollars.


People divide all advertising into three categories:

“A” (the YES pile), “B” (the MAYBE pile), “C” (the NO pile)

The “A” pile is what you absolutely have to look at this instant.

The “B” pile is advertising that you think you might be interested in but are just not sure about, and you set it aside for now.

The “C” pile is advertising that you absolutely have no interest in at all (and is usually the first thing in the trash).

Three essential Direct-Response elements:

  • Headlines
    A great headline needs to answer one (or all) of the following:
    ~Who cares?
    ~What’s in it for me?
    ~Why are you bothering me?
    ~So what?
  • The Offer
    What will my prospects or customers lose if they don’t respond or gain if they respond to my offer?
  • Deadlines
    ~When using a deadline by date, you have to be very careful not to give people too long to respond.

    ~When using a deadline by limited quantity, be careful not to appear to have too large of quantity available.

Four big response boosters:

  1. Personalization
  2. Double Readership Path
  3. Photos / Illustrations
  4. Doodles

What people say about you is “at least” ten times more believable than what you say about yourself.

A good testimonial does one of two things:

  • It relays a “specific” outcome


  • It overcomes an objective

Premium – A free gift to entice the customer into the store.

The best way to present a premium is to include three things:

  1. A photo of it.
  2. A description of it including features and benefits.
  3. The retail value.

Outrageous Boost:  Putting “dashed” borders around display ads will increase readership even when you are not making a coupon offer.

Feel free to print out these notes so you can refer back to them when creating new advertising or marketing campaigns.

Heck, you may even want to get your own copy of Outrageous Advertising by Clicking Here!

Now go take action!


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    Outrageously good post David!
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    PS spaced dotted line border – see, I read every word 🙂

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