Now That’s What I Call… Customer Service

Gooooooooood morning!

I wanted to share a little story with you about customer service.  Be sure to think about your customer service as you read…

So, yesterday morning, I went into a Deli to sell some advertising.

The owner was on the phone, and you could tell the person on the other end has never bought anything from them before because he was making an order, but seemed like he has a lot of questions because the owner had a lot of answers (he was very patient with the caller and made the order).

He got off the phone and asked what he could help me with.  I went on to talk with him about advertising, and he was very-very polite.  A customer came into the store and the owner called him out by name, “Morning, John.”  (Wow, he knew his customer’s name!!!)

Obviously, John was a regular, and seemed happy to be there.

The owner was nice to me, gave me his time, and never rushed me out of there (I made good rapport with him).

Once I left, I looked up his business on Google and found reviews… lots of 5 star reviews I might add.

They all mentioned how nice the owner is and how he even takes the time to remember his customers by name.  WOW.

Think about that, here’s a busy business owner and he takes the time to learn his customers name.  He doesn’t rush sales people out the door (which, has turned me into a customer!) and he’s nice.

Seems like it’s a rare find these days… someone who cares about his customers.  Someone who sees a customer in all people (yes, even sales people).

Think about this with your business.  How do you treat your customers?  How do you treat sales people?  How about that cold caller who calls you up to sell you long-distance phone service (actually… do they even do that anymore??).  Are you patient and polite, or do you get irritated with new customers who aren’t familiar with your products/services (we’ve all seen those business owners/employees)? 

Be sure to leave your comments below.

Remember:  Be nice to everyone you meet.  You never know where your next customer will come from… it could even be that sales person who normally annoys you.

See what you can do to improve your customer service and…

Go take action!

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