Now That’s What I Call Direct-Response Marketing!

I’ve mentioned this comic a long time ago (and actually post it on a marketing forum), but I want to bring it back up because it’s a great example of what Direct-Response Marketing is!

Now that's what I call Direct-Response Marketing.

Now that’s what I call Direct-Response Marketing!

I laugh every time I see this comic.

How can marketing get any better than this??  You’re a window repair business and market directly to consumers who need your services.  Sure, you threw a brick through their window, but now they need to call you to fix the problem.

It has Direct-Response written all over it:

  • Headline (Need Window Repair?)
  • Call-to-Action (Call: 555-2984)
  • Prospect needs your services now (Window repair)

I recommend printing out this comic and putting it somewhere on your desk for when you need to remember exactly what Direct-Response Marketing is.  Oh, and for a good laugh when you’re feeling blah!

No go take action!

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