Offer A FREE Report

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

In all of your marketing, offer a free report, book, guide, etc.

For real estate, I created The Ultimate Home Sellers’ Guide (It’s only 10 pages).  Sally and I put this on our postcards when ever we mail out just sold listings.  We usually get one or two people who raise their hand for the guide.

Here is the cover of the FREE guide we offer on our postcards.

Here is the cover of the FREE guide we offer on our postcards.

We are currently listing a house for someone who asked for our free guide back at the end of July… JULY!!  They weren’t ready to list at that time, but now they are!  The key is to follow up.

I’m always testing new methods on our postcards.  So, for the past two months I haven’t been offering The Ultimate Home Sellers’ Guide on our postcards.  Well, Sunday night, we got an email from a guy who was requesting a copy of the guide.  He gave his full name and address, along with the email he responded from.To think… this guy must have been holding on to our postcard for a few months.

This is what you want!  You want people to hold onto your marketing for when the time is right for them to respond.  You want potential customers to raise their hand that they may have some interest in what you’re offering.

Don’t go right for the sale.  Build trust.  Offer a free report, guide, or book.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.  It can be one page or 100 pages.  You probably have all of the info to create this free report right in front of your face!  The goal is to get potential customers to respond.

Let’s see… say you’re an auto repair shop.  You can offer a free report on how not to get suckered by your auto repair guy, “7 Things Your Auto Repair Guy Won’t Tell You About Fixing Your Car That You Can Do On The Cheap.”

Say you’re selling auto insurance.  Offer a free report on how to keep you and your car safe.

Lawncare business?  “How to Kill Weeds With A Product You Already Have In Your Kitchen.”

Do you sell cars?  “Questions To Ask Your Car Salesmen So You Get The Best Deal On Your New Car.”

With all of these examples, you are building trust with potential customers.  They raise their hand to something they have interest in.  You want to make sure you collect as much contact information as possible, because these people may be your best customers if you keep following up with them!

Oh, and this is also a good way to track your ads so you can keep testing to get the best response.

So, what kind of business are you in?  What kind of report can you offer on your marketing materials?

Remember:  Don’t sell…  Build trust and the selling will do its self.

Now go take action!

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