Offer A Gosh-Darn-It Guarantee

GuaranteeIs that a Guarantee I see?

Oh, the joys of marketing.  Look to your left, look to your right, what do you see?  Crap-tacular marketing everywhere with no guarantee.

Do you not believe in your product/service to offer a guarantee?  I know what you’re all saying… “But, David… I believe in my product/service but customers will just ‘use’ the system and they will put me out of business because I have to refund their money.”   Poohie!

Most people never take advantage of the refunds.  How many people do you know who buy a product that comes with a rebate and forget to send it in??   I could start naming people right now!  It’s the same with guarantees, most people never take advantage of them (and they should NEVER have to use the guarantee because your product/service is the elite best-of-the-best).

The main purpose of a guarantee is to offer your customer piece of mind.

Could you offer a 30 day guarantee?  How about a 60 or 90 day guarantee for a full refund?  The longer your customer has to respond to the guarantee the more confidence they’ll have in your services.

I know a home inspector who offers a Double Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days on all inspections.  Talk about confidence in his services!  And, yes, he gets a lot of business.

So, quit reading this post and get a guarantee on all of your marketing!  Go.  NOW!

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