Past Customers Are Your Best Customers

A couple of weeks ago I told you I bought Gary Halbert’s How To Write A Sales Letters That Will Make You Rich seminar transcript from eBay.  Remember, I told you about Gary’s Crazy Copywriting Exercise?!  Yeah.

Well, about a week after I received the transcript, I get a message from the eBay seller letting me know he just listed another Gary Halbert product.  This time it was Gary’s Motherload Collection of Marketing Masterpieces.

Here’s his message to me:


Thank you for purchasing the Halbert information. I recently listed his motherlode collection and 57 sales letters. If you have any interest in this please let me know and I will put a special deal up for you with 20% off as a past customer.

{Link to eBay listing removed for privacy}

My apologies for the intrusion if you aren’t interested.


{Name removed for privacy}”

See what he did here??  This guy was smart.

He contacted a past customer (me), who recently bought a similar product, to let him know about new product he just listed, and made a special offer as a past customer (20% off) for him to buy said product.

When you’re creating new marketing campaigns, I never-EVER want you to forget to market to your past customers.

It’s Cheaper To Market To A Past Customer Than It Is To Get A New Customer

Why is that?  Because the high-threshold resistance has been eliminated.  Your past customers have already done business with you so they know whether they like you or not.  They know how you’re going to treat them.  They know how good your product/service is.  They don’t have to worry about you delivering on your promise, because they have already had an experience with you.

I want you to think, “What product/service can I offer to my past customers to get them to do more business with me?”

Remember:  You’ve already sold yourself.  Now you just have to reload and bring ’em back in!

Here’s a few takeaways for you to think about with your marketing:

  • Are you targeting your past customers?
  • What products/services do you have that are similar to the products/services your past customers have already bought from you?
  • What kind of offer can you make your past customers?

Feel free to write your answers in the comments below!

Oh, and you’re probably wondering… Yes, yes I bought the product.  I was also browsing the seller’s other items and noticed he had a rare book for sale that I was looking for, and he gave me a deal on that too, and he shipped them at the same time.  He made two sales, all because he contacted a past customer who bought a similar product.

And, remember:  It’s cheaper to market to a past customer than it is to get a new customer.



  1. Question on Past Customers:
    What approach would you recommend to reach again to them who didn’t get results but still have a connection with?

    1. Hey JCarlos!!

      Do you know why your clients didn’t get results?? Were they not following your training regimen or was it something else? (You need to find this out, and if you don’t know for sure… send them a questionnaire with specific questions)

      Do you have any testimonials from clients who trained with you, didn’t see result, then came back to you and saw results the second time around?? If so, you want to use those testimonials.

      So, answer the first questions above and find out why they didn’t get any results the first time and address it in your marketing.

      You could also write them a letter to find out how they’re doing. See where they are with their training (if they’re even training at all) and that you were thinking about them. Make it personal and make them an offer.

      Follow up a few days later with a phone call.

      I keep thinking about… why didn’t they get results the first time. You really need to get that question answered.

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