[Postcard Example] Don’t Look Like Everyone Else!

You know what really grinds my gears?…

When someone uses a template based postcard to send out their mailings so they look like everyone else’s postcards!  Arrrggghh

For today, I’m going to show you the “fail” of the week.

Below you’ll find two sets of postcards set out by two different real estate agents.  Pay attention and notice what’s the same and what is different about these two postcards sent by two different real estate agents:

Well… what did you notice??


  • Pictures
  • Addresses of properties sold
  • Agents

And that’s about it.

The same:

  • Everything except the pictures, addresses of the properties sold, and agents!

It’s really mind boggling.  These two agents paid a company to use a their standard template that includes the same wording, color, offer, and size, just so they can put in their own picture, name, sold house, and the address/person they want it to go to.  That’s it!

Please, whatever you do… don’t do this!!

There’s only one thing this postcard is good for and that’s for the broker!  Why?  Because they didn’t have to pay for the postcard, and it’s branding for them every time one of their agents sends these postcards out.

It’ll be kind of hard to brand their own personal name when other agents are sending out the same postcard.  Who’s the prospect going to remember?  The broker, that’s who!  Certainly not the individual agents using the same exact postcard.


So lesson here… BE DIFFERENT and DON’T BE BORING!  Got it?!

Okay, great.  Now go take action!

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