[Postcard Example] If You’re Doing This With Your Postcards Then Please Change It Now!

(Note:  This is a postcard example I am critiquing that was received from a real estate agent.  The examples I give can be used for ANY business, not just real estate.)

Last spring I received a postcard from a real estate agent which I critiqued on here.  You can see this article by Clicking Here.

Well guess what a family member got the other day… a postcards from the same real estate agent above… this time the postcard is a little better, but not much.

Here’s the front of the postcard:

With a quick glance, what would you think this postcard is offering?

My first thought was home remodeling.  Kitchen looks beautiful, and it’s something I sure would love to have!

But… if you look at the top left corner it says, “Home Selling Tip” and offers the little tip.

Really, this picture does not scream to me that it’s about home selling.  It’s all about home… remodeling… except for that little tip!

Now there’s one thing right on this postcard… if you look closely at the bottom right corner you see, “Flip For More Details!”  Ah, perfect!  Gives the prospect some direction on what to do, which is flip the postcard over.

Let’s follow directions and flip this card over, shall we?!

Ah, now we see the big “Howard Hanna” logo.  Which, if you live in my area you know they are the largest home selling brokers in the area.  So, obviously this is about selling you home.

Again, there’s some more “Keep Home Tidy” tips.  Nothing spectacular, but at least there are a few tips.

One thing this agent got right is she personalized the card with my family member’s name, “Mary.”  She gets points for this one.

The only call to action is, “Call today for more expert advice!”

That’s a pretty high-threshold contact, which means people will feel pressured into talking with someone they think will try to sell them.

What could have been done here, which I have used many times (re: Home Seller’s Guide), would have been to offer a free.  Something like…

“Email X or Visit X Website to get your Free Home Seller’s Guide:  7 Home Selling Tips To Sell Your Home In 30 Days or Less In This Difficult Economy, for Above Market Value, Guaranteed!”

There’s a call to action with a low-threshold contact.  Prospects don’t have to speak to anyone to get the report.

Now I would recommend collecting some info once the prospects contacts you for the report.  Get name, email, address… etc.  That way it’ll be easier for you to follow-up and for tracking purposes!  (Remember to ALWAYS FOLLOW-UP)

Now take what you learn here and apply it to your marketing!

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