Put An Equally Amount Of Blueberries In Each Muffin

Don’t you hate it when you and a friend order a blueberry muffin and one muffin has loads of blueberries and the other one has only one blueberry… if you’re lucky?

If you’re running a restaurant (this can be applied to any business), make the food as equal as possible!  Don’t give me a fricken chocolate chip cookie without any chocolate chips!!!!

I’d be pretty up set if when I ordered my Magnetic Marketing Kit (You can get your kit here:  MagneticMarketingKit.com) it only came with half the CDs and manuals everyone else got.

Here’s an example of a t.v. dinner I bought… check out the cover and look what I actually got…

Where's the Broccoli?

Where’s the Broccoli?

Is this some kind of joke???  I didn’t get ANY broccoli… not to mention all the other vegetables I was “supposed” to get!!!  Did I complain… no.  Will I buy these again?  Probably not.  The picture on the cover made it look pretty darn good, but all I got was a mixture of rice and sugary syrup they called Teriyaki. 

Now, I want to end this by sharing a clip with you from the movie Casino with Robert De Niro (I suggest getting, and watching, the whole movie).

So, what did you think??  Any “Blueberry Muffins” in your business you could fix?

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Now go take action!

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