“Secrect Gold Key” To Exceptional Profits

Have you ever heard the saying, “The money is in the list?” 

Well, it is! 

I was reading the August 2014 edition of the No B.S. Marketing Letter (You can “test drive” the Gold Membership, for FREE, and receive the No B.S. Marketing Letter and No B.S. Gold Letter for two months, and receive a Marketing Kit ($633.91 value) for FREE.  Visit GKICGold.com or Click Here for details) and Dan Kennedy says, “List Segmentation and Different Offers To Different Folks Is The ‘Secret Gold Key’ To Exceptional Profits.”

He goes on to tell the story of a chain of restaurants, Duffy’s Sports Grill, using list segmentation to market to their customers.

I decided to take a picture of the article for you and post it here (be sure to click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read it… Also, I highly recommend taking notes):

The "Secret Gold Key" to Exceptional Profits

The “Secret Gold Key” to Exceptional Profits

As you can see, Duffy’s makes different offers to different customers.  If a customer came in for a promotion for their ribs, they then contact that person to tell them about their new rib special.  Same goes for the steak and chicken!

I always stress the importance of keeping an in-house list for all of your customers!  The more detailed, the better (track their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, what they buy, how much they spend, how often they buy from you, when do they usually buy from you {like holidays, certain months, etc.}). 

Plus, wouldn’t you like to know if your customers stopped buying from you?  Of course you would!  That way you can bring them back.  Don’t let them spend their money with a competitor.

Oh, and you may be thinking… “But, David… my business is different!  I don’t have a restaurant, and this won’t work in my business.”  Phewie!!!

Of course this works for any business!  Do you sell pet supplies?  You can collect the pets’ names and mail them a gift, or, better yet, have them come into the store to claim their gift!  Get the breed of dog and you can market different sizes that fit that breed.  The skies the limit!

Are you currently keeping a list of your customers?  If not, why?!! 

Leave your comments below and let’s see how we can help!

Now go take action!

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