The Lazy Man’s Way To Getting Things Done

I admit… I’m David Hunter and I’m lazy.

Ok, so who isn’t a teenie-weenie bit lazy?…..  That’s what I thought.

We all have our lazy days.  Some have more than others.  But, how are you supposed to manage to get things done if you’re lazy?

First, start by planning out what you need to get done.  Sure, the list will look horrendous, but you can get it all done, by being lazy!!!  Onward…

Second, block out times to get your projects, chores, marketing campaigns, etc. done.  Working on that new book?  Don’t want to spend all day everyday writing that book?  Block out 30 minutes a day to write. 

Have a huge yard like me (I have just under 4 acres, so I have lots of yard work… ugh!)… block out an hour or two a weekend to do some trimming or get the yard cleaned up.

Trying to figure out the next marketing campaign?  Again, block out 30 minutes a day.  Or, maybe you’re designing a postcard, design one side on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday.

Third, enjoy being lazy! 

Look, you don’t have to spend all of your time getting things done.  A little bit here and a little bit there really adds up.  It’s better to write your new book for 30 minutes a day, than try to write it all day every day until it’s finished because you just may burn out and never finish at all.

The key tip here is… If you’re lazy, do everything in chunks.

Sure, if you did everything all at once you may finish the project quicker, but if you’re lazy like me this is how to get things done!

So, are you lazy like me or do you go all in??  Do you have any tips for the lazy, like me?  Comment below and let us know.

Oh, and this brings me to… I’m headed to Billings, Montana and then to Yellowstone starting tomorrow!!  Yippee!  This is a much needed vacation.  Being lazy is a lot of work ya know?!!

Also, if I stop posting new blogs here that means a Grizzly got me.  :-/


Now go take action!

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