The Marketer’s Secret Weapon To Following Up via Email

First off, I’d like to apologize.  I’ve neglected to tell you about one of the best marketer’s secret weapons to following up with your prospects, customers, and clients.

I use this all of the time for my sites and, actually, I’m using it every time I send you a new post, a new email, or even when you signed up for the ‘7 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making’ course.

Secondly, before I reveal this secret weapon, you may have noticed a few more emails from me this week compared to the normal two emails a week (Back-to-the-Basics on Mondays and Blog Posts on Thursdays).  All of this was used with this marketer’s secret weapon.

Now, what’s this secret weapon I’m talking about?


Yep, that’s it.  An email autoresponder… what most business owners neglect to use for their follow-up marketing strategies (Heck, most people never follow up… don’t be this person, I was once them and I’ll tell you it’s no fun to lose money and opportunities because you failed to follow-up).

Here’s a quick 1 minute video about email autoresponders, and then I’m going to explain everything about email autoresponders and how you can use them to follow up with your prospects, customers, and clients so you can get started right out of the gate!


Did you catch that in the video??

You can reach out to as many prospects, customers, and clients as you’d like AUTOMATICALLY.  No need to send a separate email for each person with manual labor.

Here are some of the benefits of an email autoresponder:

  • Ready-made Opt-in forms, with easy edit features to add a Call-to-Action and Lead Generation Magnet, to collect contact information from your prospects, customers, and clients (this sets them up with your autoresponder).  See below for Lead Generation Magnets you can use to get people to opt-in.
  • Setup an automatic ‘welcome’ email to go out as soon as you get a new subscriber (If you are offering a report as a lead generation magnet you’ll be able to include this report in this welcome email without ever having to think about it).
  • Create a follow-up email campaign to stay in touch with prospects, customers, and clients (If you’re like me, you just can’t seem to follow up with people when you’re supposed… well PROBLEM SOLVED).
  • Easy to configure with your blog or website.  Don’t have a blog or website?  No worries, you can still use an auto-email responder (I’ll explain more below).
  • Setup multiple email autoresponders and multiple lists from multiple websites all with one account (Ex:  A real estate agent could setup one list for prospects who requested a free report, and another list for current clients you’re already working with to get market updates).

Also, with an email autoresponder you can setup emails to go out on specific days and times,  whenever you want!  All you do is create the email once, set it, and forget it!  The email autoresponder does the rest.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for Free

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You can also setup email campaigns.  What’s an email campaign?

Example:  When you signed up for the ‘7 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making’ course, you were subscribed to one of my campaigns through AWeber.  I created the course once, set it up to go out one after another, and the email autoresponder automatically sends them for me.  I never have to think about it again.

It frees me up a lot of time because once it’s all created I never have to touch it, unless I decide to make changes, add more content, or take things out.  Otherwise I never touch it.

Email autoresponders can be used with ANY business.  You don’t even need a website!  Let me repeat that again… You don’t even need a website!

At most, you need your own URL (which can be purchased for under $10) and then setup forwarding so when someone types in your specific link, like, it’ll automatically be forwarded to the AWeber hosted opt-in page (again, easy to setup).

So you can just include your URL on postcards, ads, Facebook ads, where ever you want to market, without ever having a website or blog.

Ok, now say you have more than one website.  Can you use one AWeber account for each website?  Absolutely!

You can also create multiple ‘lists.’  What do I mean by ‘list?’

Example:  Let’s use real estate agents.  Say you have a Home Seller’s Guide you’re giving away via a postcard or Facebook advertising.  You can direct potential home sellers to a direct link on your website with the opt-in form (AWeber makes these opt-in forms easy to create with their 100s of different templates).  Once a potential subscriber opts-in they’re added to a list.  Let’s call this one the ‘Expired Home Sellers.’

Say you’d like to give away a free market report.  You can then create a new list called ‘Free Market Report’ for all of the subscribers who opt-in for this report.

The point of having multiple lists is so you can TARGET your prospects, customers, and clients better.  You can speak and address them directly, not just in a broad sense.

Here are some Lead Generation Magnets you can use to get prospects, customers, and clients to subscribe to your email autoresponder:

  • Free report, booklet, newsletter, brochure, etc.
  • Free training course.
  • Instructions video.
  • Discount for the purchase of a product or free shipping just for subscribing.
  • Special monthly or weekly drawings for free products or services.

These are just a few different examples of Lead Generation Magnets you can use to get subscribers to opt-in to your email autoresponder.  You’ll want to mix and match depending on the product/service you’re selling.

As stated above, you can setup a ‘welcome’ email which automatically sends the Lead Generation Magnet as soon as someone subscribers.

Oh, and did I mention the best part of an email autoresponder is… it’s fully automatic!  Once it’s created you never have to touch it again!  Set it and forget it!

If you don’t have one already, it’s very important to get started!  And AWeber and I make it easy…

If you have questions once you get your email autoresponder on AWeber through my link (You can get a free 30 day trial by Clicking Here) feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you get it all setup and answer any questions that you have.

Now go take action!

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