The Path of Least Resistance

On Monday, I’m taking a shower and I couldn’t help but notice the little waterdroplets running down the glass shower door.

A few bold drops were the first to start running down, creating paths.  Then, as more droplets built up, they started falling too.  And, you know what happened?  As they started falling they eventually hooked up into a path that was already formed from another droplet.  Then it took that path on and went all the way down.

Sure, some went off the path, but came back a few inches later and, even fewer, went and created their own paths.

Why am I telling you this and what does this have to do with your prospects, customers, and clients?

Well, because it has a lot to do with your prospects, customers, and clients and how they do (or don’t do) business with you.

You see, humans, by nature, want to take the path of least resistance, so you have to create the path of least resistance for your prospects, customers, and clients.

Want them to contact you?  Make it easy to contact you.  Don’t tell them you’re on Facebook and not give the direct link.  Don’t say to call, yet make them search for your phone number.

Want them to buy from you?  Make it easy to buy from you.  Lay out the process and give them every chance you can to buy from you.

Lay the steps out in front of them so they know exactly what they’re doing.

If you put up barriers and create resistance, your prospects, customers, and clients just may go to your competitor… And I don’t think that’s what you want.

Quick story about a business NOT following the path of least resistance:

There’s a radio station I listen to a lot and follow on Facebook.  One day I was browsing visitor posts and a lady was asking about a heating and cooling company she heard on the radio, but couldn’t remember their name.  She also mentioned her furnace went out.

Well, guess what this radio station did?  Nothing!  Well, nothing for a couple of days.  After a couple days past I noticed the radio station commented and said there were two heating and cooling companies that advertised with them so they gave her both of their names and NOTHING more.

Can you believe that?  You’re a radio station who’s making it hard for your listeners to contact a business who advertises with you.  Why not give the lady both phone numbers of the contact persons?!  Why put up the resistance??

Then the radio station could go back to their clients and tell them, “Hey!  One of our listeners asked us about you so we gave them your contact information.”

Not only would they be helping their listeners, but now they build more trust with their clients because they feel they’re really doing something to help them out, and that their radio ads are… ahum… WORKING!!!! 

So, go ahead and tear down the resistance that’s holding your prospects, customers, and clients back from doing business with you and… go take action!


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