The Power Of Referrals

I see a lot of business owners neglect the power of referrals.  They don’t ask for them and they don’t get them.

You see, when someone refers your company to their friends/family, they’ve already done the selling for you.  There’s no need for you to do any sales pitches, which makes referrals the easiest business you can get!

How many times have you asked a friend or family member for the name of an electrician, or the name of a plumber.  Maybe you saw someone walking their dog who just got groomed, and you’re looking for a groomer.  You go up to that person and ask where they got their dog groomed and the person tells them how awesome Pooches Grooming is, so that’s where you go.  You’re already sold.

When I was in real estate with a top producing agent, we’d always get people calling us who were referrals.  We’d ask where they heard about us, and they’d say, “You were referred to us by so-and-so and she said we had to work with you.”

Well, guess what.  So-and-so already sold our new client on us.  We didn’t have to do anything except take the phone call.  That was it!

Here’s another story:

Back in early May, I was on a flight home from Fort Lauderdale after a week of visiting with my dad and playing with alligators (well… taking pictures of them from an airboat.  Same difference!), when I started talking with the nice lady next to me.

As we got to talking she asked about me and I asked about her.  I told her I was visiting my dad who just moved to Fort Lauderdale where he’s selling Harley Davidsons.  She then mentioned that her husband has a Harley and they do a lot of riding and going to events.

She then adds on that her husband wants to purchase a new Harley in the future, and that they lived in Fort Lauderdale.  I told her where my dad worked and they knew the dealership.  I handed her my dad’s business card (I had a few with me) and said he’d take care of anything they needed.  I told them he’s also been selling Harleys since 2009 and is usually one of the top salesmen.

Well, before we knew it the plane landed and we went on our separate ways.

Last week I get a phone call from my dad and he says, “Guess who showed up at the dealership today.”  I had ZERO clue.  The conversation from the airplane looong gone.

He said it was so-and-so from my flight!  They stopped in with his business card in hand… IN HAND!!!  They weren’t going to anyone else but him.

And, notice, I only met those people once.  Talked to them for 2.5 hours and never saw them again, but I referred them and they took my word for it.


Referrals are the EASIEST customers/clients/patients to sell to.

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Are you asking for referrals?  Do you have excellent customer service so your customers/clients/patients automatically refer you to someone when asked who they use for X service?

Be sure to leave your answers in the comments below.

Now go take action!


  1. Great blog. Especially because I like Harleys and referrals have been the backbone of our business.
    However, I’m currently working on making it a system v.s a here and there event.
    Thanks again for the great blog!

    1. Thanks, JCarlos!

      Do you have a Harley??!

      Also, here’s a little excerpt from Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Direct Marketing book (second edition, page 52) about following up with referrals:

      “Here are some of the holes in business buckets, through which money leaks… #3. No follow-up on referrals. When Betty says, “I told Bill about you. I hope he gives you a call,” the correct response is not: “Thanks Betty. I hope he does, too.” That’s the common response, but it most certainly is not the correct response. You ask for and get Billy’s address, so you can send him a copy of your book or information package, with a note mentioning Betty’s recommendation or a note from Betty, and an offer or offers (Rule #1). If Billy fails to respond, you send him a second letter. And a third, fourth, fifth. With offers. And you put him on your newsletter list and send him your monthly newsletter. With offers. You enroll him in your six-week email “course” tied to your product or service. That’s follow-up.”

      Rock on!

      -David Hunter

  2. Your story brings the point home David… referrals have power.

    It’s only more recently that I have pulled-my-finger-out and put the power of referrals into action again.

    Thanks for sharing.

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