Two Of The Best Marketing Principles From 2,000 Years Ago

I haven’t done a ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ in awhile, but I was reading Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Church (Recommended by the Millionaire Maker Marketing Genius… Dan Kennedy… and when Dan recommends you read something you read it!), and it is full of marketing genius!

But two things really caught my eye that applies to marketing in general, and will apply to YOUR marketing no matter what business you’re in…

Rick said,

“Jesus began at the level of commitment of each person he met.  Often he would simply capture their interest and create a desire to know more.”

Key phrase, “…would simply capture THEIR ATTENTION and CREATE A DESIRE to know more.”

You need to capture your prospects, customers, and clients ATTENTION and CREATE A DESIRE for them to know more about what it is you’re selling.

Rick also said,

“Jesus took into account that people have different cultural backgrounds, understanding, and levels of spiritual commitment.  He knew that it doesn’t work to use the same approach with all people.”

Key phrase, “…it doesn’t work to use the same approach with all people.”

Look, you can’t just say you’re going to send out postcards and be done.  Same goes with Facebook.  You can’t say you’re going to advertise on Facebook and think a flood of customers and clients will be rushing to your doors.

No!  You need to use different approaches for different prospects, customers, and clients.  One person may always be on Facebook, and the other may be reading the morning paper.

Just be sure you’re creating attention to create desire, using the approach that is appropriate for your prospects, customers, and clients!

Now go take action!

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